Spring recruitment of Tobacco in China has begun, the remuneration is superior to civil servants, should be the previous students can sign up

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Guide language: perplexing contemporary university graduate the most difficult problem is “obtain employment”, the likelihood is a lot of university students when just entered the university full of blood, but arrived big three big four looking at graduate senior students are not easy, begin to doubt oneself.However, college students are not just lying down, but working hard to find jobs.But students are also paving their way for the future, as evidenced by the number of people taking graduate school entrance exams and teaching certificates each year.So at this stage, a state-owned enterprise units began to spring recruitment, whether it is salary, or future development, are very considerable, and this year’s students and former students can sign up, we will understand it together.In the eyes of many contemporary college students, civil servants can be described as the most popular occupation, coupled with the successive expansion of civil servants, in the spread of college graduates, “university graduation is not to take an examination of graduate school is to take an examination of the public”.However, in fact, there are a lot of positions, no matter salary or future development, are not comparable to civil servants.Take China Tobacco, which is making a spring move.CPC Tobacco, a state-owned enterprise, was founded in 1982, the salary is generous, many positions can reach more than 8000 yuan a month, the future development is very considerable, there are many branches all over the country, it is worth contemporary college graduates to work hard.The company currently recruiting for spring recruitment is China Tobacco Henan, a subsidiary of China Tobacco.The salary and benefits are basically equal.The spring recruitment plan is to recruit 126 students, both fresh graduates and former students who have not yet found a job.By past students, I mean past students who haven’t received Social Security yet.The deadline for registration is February 21, 2022, which is very close, so students with ideas should sign up now.Do not hesitate, the opportunity may be fleeting, first sign up, seize the opportunity, appropriate or not appropriate can think again.There are some students who are not confident why think so much?Anyway young, even if a failure to try again afraid of what?I believe that “where there is a will, there is a way”, as long as we can succeed, even if we did not succeed in “landing”, we can also regard it as an accumulation of experience on the way to find a job, perhaps there are also many opportunities on the way?Have a dream also must add hard work, self-confidence and conceit may be in a read between contemporary college students have a dream to realize, is the so-called “where there is a will, there is a way”, because with a dream, each step can be more firm, meet any difficulties, can have the courage and perseverance to stick to it.However, it is not enough to have dreams alone. Dreams must be combined with hard work to succeed.For example, if students want to enter the ideal university, they should study hard; if students want to have a stable job, they should work hard to improve their abilities.However, many modern college students may be confused and uneasy after graduation, and become self-doubt after hitting a wall several times.Contemporary students are high-quality people who have experienced higher education. Only by believing in themselves and being confident can they lead a better life.However, self-confidence and conceit are between a read, believe oneself is self-confidence, and some students regard themselves as very high is conceited, not high or low how can you find the post that suits you?As long as you work hard, I believe that “all roads lead to Rome”.Just as the saying goes, “Three hundred and sixty lines, line is the top scorer”, it is important to persist in efforts, and anywhere can become a “stage”.Waiting for the contemporary student is hard work and struggle in life, in addition to ZhongYan still has a lot of businesses and jobs waiting for you we have to admit that, like China’s tobacco enterprises must be “monk” more meat less, less successful students “shore” is necessarily WBH, but were eliminated students also do not represent is not good, there are also a lot of good opportunity is waiting for the students.In addition to China Tobacco, State Grid, China Railway and other large state-owned enterprises, in fact, huawei, Xiaomi and other large enterprises are also worthy of graduates’ attention and understanding, although the pressure is relatively high, but the benefits are very generous.In addition, such jobs as civil servants, business, military civilian, are very suitable for female college graduates to pay attention to, are relatively small pressure, the work content is also simple, suitable for female students to pay attention to.The author’s message: There are not many opportunities like China Tobacco, both in terms of salary and future development. I hope students who are interested in it must pay attention to it as soon as possible, and they must be prepared after applying for a good name. Since they are ready to fight for it, they will pay all their efforts.No matter whether can come ashore, at least their efforts have also insisted on, do not regret.I also hope that every student can find their own way out with their own efforts.Finally, the students who wish the motherland can walk out of the campus, complete the magnificent turn around, and create their own future.Having said that, do you think there are any other ways for college students to get employed?Welcome to comment and share your opinion. Let’s discuss it together.#2022 My Knowledge Notes # For more exciting content, come to follow Zixin teacher (all pictures are from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)