Spell a lot to check data with which software?Does more information help?

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For the businesses that want to make Pinduoduo store bigger and stronger, it is very important to operate the store through data analysis. Then which software does Pinduoduo check the data with?Pinging duo Duo data search third-party software. – Does Duo Duo Intel work?Can you get a better picture by looking at the data?Duoduo Initong, as a pinduoduo data analysis software, can provide sellers with industry analysis, competitive product analysis and store monitoring, hot word search, category real-time ranking/keyword ranking and other functions, so that merchants have a more comprehensive understanding of all kinds of data, so as to make decisions.Duoduo Information tong has a full range of data analysis functions.The core functions are as follows: Industry analysis can help people find new styles that have the potential to sell quickly (selection), find the right price range (pricing), and see the sales trend of certain categories of products, so as to determine whether to sell this product or not.Competitive product analysis can analyze the comprehensive performance of competitive products in various aspects, providing data analysis from multiple perspectives such as drainage keywords, resource location details, sales trend, price analysis, etc., so that you can know yourself and your opponent and better operate your store.Based on the hot search analysis of Pinduoduo, you can view the average search heat, average click heat, average click rate, competitive intensity and market price of words under the hot search words, gaining insight into the user’s search habits.The function of event marketing analysis allows us to see which products and stores have done well in events such as Double 11 and 618, and then make an in-depth analysis of the operation mode of each store and product, which can be used as a reference for the selection of products in the next activity.At the same time can also be targeted to develop their own store operation strategy pinduoduo check data with which software?Does more information help?The above is relevant content, I hope to help you.Duoduo information has many functions and comprehensive data. If you want to operate a fine store, you must not miss it.