Palm wisdom micro to Guo Wei start!Net friend: the cat mother has its own people

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Palm Wisdom has attacked Yao Wei!Net friend: the cat mother has its own later people do not know everyone noticed, in recent days, that was sued by the reporter Liu zhi Micro abnormal performance, seems to be a success, constantly published blog points of view, and is in accordance with the “all we oppose, he will firmly support” principle of action.For example, plum thanks because of false resignation, because of writing “opera of red Chamber” was condemned by the whole network, and the wisdom of micro but on the contrary, to plum thank the unit wrote a letter of praise;For example, the cat mother questioned yao Wei’s identity information, publicly said that Tian Jing is the daughter-in-law of the old Du Guo family, publicly said that kaifeng uncle tore the tian family, announced to quit, and Wisdom is willing to be a successor, took over the cat mother’s shotgun, to Yao Wei!To this end, some net friends said: the cat mother has its own people.On The 15th, Zhiwei released a report on Guo X, an employee employed by the High-tech Zone Branch of Zhumadian Public Security Bureau, on weibo, which mainly questioned Yao wei’s identity.In the report letter, the wisdom of micro mainly listed yao Wei’s four “crimes”.First, Yao wei is suspected of using the false identity information in 1995, illegally passing the political examination and entering the police, deceiving the organization, being disloyal and dishonest.Second, Yao Wei used illegal means to transfer his real household registration in 1992 to Group 10, Daizhuang Village, hongmiao Town, Lankao County, Kaifeng City, in 2021. He changed his age to 2004, and his household registration name was Guo Bingv.Its 92 years of household registration status, used to register business.Third, Yao Wei took advantage of the hot public opinion event of “28 years of life changed by mistake” to register douyin accounts “QiqiYueyue” and “Yiaoxiao” through her immediate relatives.Suspected of filming one party’s medical records with police equipment and Posting them on the Internet by others to create public opinion;They also spread rumors of changing their names, suing their adoptive mothers and returning to Jiujiang.He frequently acted as a model for Douyin, received rewards and sold substandard and shoddy goods, and made huge profits, which seriously affected the image of the people’s police.Fourthly, Yao Wei is suspected of using money as the purpose to monopolize traffic for cash, hiring Shuijun to complain online and offline to other Douyin accounts and netizens and conduct cyber violence, which has obvious characteristics of the network gangland.Even relatives are not let go, the aunt Lili also shake music tape goods, affecting yao Wei interests, by its aunt to command the water shot Lili account shut down, and eventually lead to Lili mother and daughter killed in Luoyang on January 1, 2022 the trigger, as the initiator and the ultimate benefit, have cannot shirk responsibility.First of all, Yao wei used his 1995 id to enter the police force. Is this the “bonus” that Cat Ma was talking about?Could you please tell me: Yao Wei’s date of birth, Lao Du could not tell, how could you ask Yao Wei to tell?Whose birth date is not determined by their parents, and who decides their identity as a child?If Yao wei really entered the police with his’ 95 id, it’s Also Lao Du’s fault.Secondly, Yao Wei adopted “illegal means to change the age to 2004”. Is this yao Wei’s doing?Isn’t this Lao Du’s work?Lao Du hid with Yao Wei in his hometown Lankao for three years, and succeeded in reducing yao Wei’s age by three years!Do you want to report yao Wei or Do you want to report Dee?Third, are the accounts of “Qiqi Yueyue” and “Yiaoxiao” registered by Yao Wei?Now many government departments have opened douyin accounts, and there is no restriction for public officials to open Douyin accounts. Even yao Wei’s account, which one is the law against?Yao Wei was the biggest victim of the February 8th incident. He was sent to Lao Guo’s family for “impossible reasons” and was forced to separate from his biological parents for 28 years. Why should he not grasp the heat of the incident?Fourth, I have only heard that four or five accounts of Tian Jing’s siblings have been banned, but I have never heard that they have voted for anyone!Besides, they don’t even cast xiong Lei’s account, is it necessary to cast aunt Li’s account?It also said that the banning of Lili’s account was “the trigger for the killing of Lili and her daughter in Luoyang on January 1, 2022”. Your hat is really big ah.In short, a received five boxes of Wuliangye can and Binbin old account “wipe the SLATE clean” of the person, you say the words estimate still have a few people believe?This article source: Bohai Caotang 3, more content please pay attention to the original author