In the first 11 months of last year, 21,000 telecom and Internet fraud criminals were arrested

2022-05-15 0 By

From January to November last year, prosecutors arrested 21,000 people for telecom and Internet fraud, and prosecuted 33,000 people — The Supreme People’s Procuratorate reported on Monday the handling of cyber crime cases by prosecutors.It is reported that the procuratorial organs adhere to the whole chain of punishment of telecommunications network fraud.The SPP, together with the Ministry of Public Security, has made all-out efforts to crack down on cross-border telecom fraud criminal groups, actively carrying out the operation of “cutting off the flow”, and resolutely blocking the outbound channels of telecom fraudsters.The SPP, together with the Supreme People’s Court and the Ministry of Public Security, also launched a campaign to “cut off credit cards” and punish illegal online production chains that are “blood transfusion and food supply” for electric fraud crimes.Next, procuratorial organs will be around the network security and data security, actively comply with development trend of digital economy, adhere to the “whole chain, integration management” thinking, in accordance with the law of multiple, new network crime punishment, and strictly in accordance with the law against accurate implementation to catch less shen v. shen and criminal justice policy, came to maintain network data security of the people’s peace.With digital reform as the driving force, we will leverage the overall synergy of legal supervision to actively identify and coordinate efforts to address the source of complaints in cyberspace.Focusing on vulnerable groups, industries with high incidence of cases and key regions, we will interpret laws based on cases in a targeted manner, raise the public’s awareness of the rule of law in cyberspace, and build a clear cyberspace.