From the serious lagging to the first into the top five, behind the majestic sounds of nature, really all rely on “price”?

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Camry, Accord and Teana have always been the three most hotly contested Japanese B-class brands.Camry was the first replacement, and then Accord played a “good card” successfully overturned, but unfortunately to the final Teana, but did not continue to reverse this “story”, the sales of the new car when it just came on the market can be said to be very poor.After the initial public offering failed, many people thought Earthsound was hopeless and would continue to lag behind.However, if we look at its sales after 2021, we will find that Teana has sold 162,000 units (162,010 units), which is a monthly average of 13,500 units over a 12-month period. Even as of January 2022, teana has sold 18,000 units (18,739 units).And it’s worth mentioning that teana broke into the top five for the first time in the entire B-class sales list last year.Although compared with camry and Accord, it is still at the bottom, but compared with its previous ranking (peak ranking: 7th in 2017), it is obviously a new record.Is there a major overhaul for the teana in 2021 from being a major laggard to a top five B player?In fact, it is not. The appearance and interior of Tetra sold in 2021 continue to use the young design when it was just listed, that is, the appearance is a V-shaped large area + low lying style;Interior is simple layout + trend flat bottom steering wheel + technology suspension central control screen.In terms of power, the car still offers two combinations of 2.0L+CVT and 2.0T+CVT, but in terms of specific power numbers, they are both lower than the new version.The product force changes little, even can be said to be weakened;Sales have risen sharply, abnormal behind what happened?To this problem, everybody thinks of the answer first, should be heavenly sound depreciate!When Camry and Accord are only slightly down, or even not down, teana’s market discount of 20,000 or 30,000 yuan looks really sweet.However, when we go back to 2020, or 2019, and look at teana’s discount, we can find that teana’s market discount at that time is not much less than now.That said, discounts may have played a part in Earthsound’s rise, but it’s not just price cuts that are behind its true success.In jiang Ge’s view, the reason why Teana can rise in 2021, the key is the following two points, the first is the configuration of 2021 models more on consumer appetite.When the New Teana was first introduced, electronic parking and foot brakes were sold together, but after the 2021 model, all but the lowest available versions have ditched the ancestral foot brake.Interior part, although the 21 teana did not change the central control interior of the mold, it also upgraded some subtle places: the interior door panel is decorated with piano paint material, and the bar and the central control part are wrapped with leather.Although these parts are not obvious, if it is the hard plastic before, it is really broken, and no wonder there are so many soft packages sold on the Internet before.In addition, the 2.0L comfortable version of the walk, but also a stingy 16 inch tire, upgrade to 17 inch.As for remote start, dashcam and other functions are also added to the gai version (2.0L fashion version) outside the model.Although the configuration adjustment is not much, but these targeted practical optimization, the consumer is still very useful.And besides oneself send force outside, the assist that competitor brings to tianlai, also nots allow to underestimate.In recent years, the reputation of German passat and Magotan has declined, giving Japanese B-class cars more living space.In addition, the environment of chip shortage, accord and other major rival products, due to the lack of chip production slowdown, sales fell by 80%, the booking cycle was generally increased to 2.5 months.As for Nissan, Jiang Ge believes that a new generation of Strange jun sales as expected, to teana’s production capacity brought a lot of help.Product “self improvement” and the environment of the assist, this let teana to achieve success.See this, believe a lot of people will say tianlai this is pure luck!However, is the so-called blacksmithing still needs its own hard, if it is not teaai’s product force enough to appetite, how can we choose it, rather than Buick Regal, Chevrolet Malibu XL, Ford Mondeo and other comparable competitive products?It is worth mentioning that, according to the latest news, the mid – term modification of the Teana may become more sporty, and even hit the face of buick models.New fund sounds of heaven spy according to new fund sounds of heaven before rendering a drawing, Jiang elder brother once said, Nissan is in Day fasten in 3 strong, brand force should be the most “weak”.To make a breakthrough in sales, the rise of its own brands may be a good way for Nissan models.To close the gap between the Teana and the Camry and Accord, you have to cut prices and add more!What do you think about that?Share your thoughts on Earthsound’s sales in the comments section below.