Folklore 1: The Custom of the Chinese New Year (1) (Chinese New Year’s Eve this day)

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At half past midnight, a Gollum got up, turned on the light, put on his clothes, and prepared to walk out the door.”Where are you going?”Today is the Spring Festival, I take the ‘Kitchen God’ home for the Spring Festival” “What are you looking for?””Whip, the kitchen god to put whip!””Not awake, are you?No whipping this year, remember?”So I took three wick joss-sticks, a handful of paper money, and opened the gate to burn incense and paper to fulfill the first procedure of the Chinese New Year: to welcome the kitchen king.The rules of our house are quite strict, each procedure, is the first mother with a stick to teach me, the rules of our house is: early morning, net face, with three wick incense, paper money a, firecrackers a hang, open the street, to rob before other people, incense burning paper, firecrackers, kowtow, welcome “kitchen god ye” home New Year!The Kitchen God is not easy, over the off-year went to lingxiao Temple to report work, to play family chores, but also many good words!After all, the “head of the household” is a dignified thing.The sky is light, the housewife cooking, the male host set off firecrackers, memorial.After the program, you can eat.Morning, stick pair, hang lanterns, stick “money”, thriving really good-looking.At noon, as long as the people at home, eat together, the dishes must be rich, a symbol of reunion.After the meal, the “outsiders” would leave their homes, hang up the “clan tree” (in Local dialect, the name of the ancestors is written on it), and put up the “three sacrifices” (the rule is: since hanging up the “clan tree”, the married girl can not enter this room again).Then the hostess made dumplings and prepared dinner.The men in the family, before dark, will take firecrackers, paper money and guide the “men” to “Lin Shang” (ancestral graves) “please nian” (ancestors to come home for the Spring Festival).”Please year” back, the hostess under dumplings, men in due north (below the family) incense burner and all the gates, set off firecrackers, incense burning paper, sacrifice, and then, a large family sitting together to eat.After the meal, the hostess and noodles, chop dumplings stuffing, ready sugar jujube chestnut and cleaning small “steel” (local dialect: the meaning of coins), ready to pack dumplings inside, in order to prepare shousui to the Chinese New Year “Five more” (midnight, should be “three more”, the local name) when eat reunion dinner.At this time, is generally a family side chat (now is to see the “Spring Festival Gala”), while working together, rolling cake rolling cake, dumplings dumplings, this time, even children will participate in the meantime.Male host, at that time, most of the time in front of the “family” is kept, and burning incense paper, can’t, take its meaning for “family” from the beginning of the 20 at 3:30, wake up, the whole family can’t make any noise, wash your hands clean face, placed offerings, in true north censer, and all the gate, burning incense paper, set off firecrackers, festivals, and then, a large family is surrounded sit together to eat dinner.Have to pay attention to: dumplings to eat “four bowls”, “six bowls”, “eight bowls” these three numbers, a symbol of “smooth” and “smooth”.During the period, who ate the dumplings with “sugar jujube chestnut” and “small steel”, a symbol of sweet, can make money!After dinner, children kowtow to adults, adults to give “lucky money”.Tidy up, sleep can not take off clothes, male master also keep in front of the “family son”, until dawn, into the next day.