Dongying community workers to improve the treatment of the problem

2022-05-15 0 By

According to a local netizen, since June 2019, community workers in Dongying have been paid “three posts at grade 18”, and their basic salary is determined by 80% of the salary of grade 13 of the business plan. Two and a half years after the implementation, the pension and medical insurance are still paid according to the lowest level, and so are the provident fund, which are not linked to their salary.It is hoped that relevant departments can truly understand the actual working conditions of community workers in Dongying city, and improve the payment base of insurance and provident fund for community workers, as well as the benefits such as salary and performance.Since 2019, Dongying city has comprehensively promoted the implementation of the “3 posts and 18 levels” salary treatment for community workers. Up to now, all qualified community workers have implemented the “3 posts and 18 levels” salary treatment.The Civil Affairs Bureau timely communicated with the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Medical Security Bureau and the Municipal Housing Provident Fund management Center about the social insurance and housing provident fund payment policies for community workers, and investigated the implementation of the policies in each county.According to social insurance expends base on the specification of relevant issues notice “(social insurance center letter [2006] no. 60), the” regulations on the administration of housing accumulation fund “(state council order no. 350) and other relevant provisions, and part of dongying county community workers do exist in the social insurance and housing accumulation fund to pay to carry out the non-standard problem, to this,The civil Affairs Bureau has issued a notice to the counties concerned, making clear rectification requirements.In the next step, the Civil Affairs Bureau will, in accordance with relevant regulations, urge relevant counties and districts to speed up rectification and do a good job of tracking and supervision, pay social insurance and housing provident fund for community workers in strict accordance with regulations, and gradually increase the remuneration of community workers to “three posts and grade 18”, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of community workers.Description: The content of this article is from the local leaders’ message board of People’s Daily online.Pay attention to social hot issues, convey the voice of the government, build a bridge of communication;Welcome to follow, like and forward.