Curling round robin, today will see the Chinese mixed doubles

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China’s mixed doubles curling team beat Switzerland and Australia in the first four rounds of the tournament, but then lost to world powers Sweden and Canada — the two matches on Feb 5 are the key matches for China!Tap on the blackboard: you can watch the Chinese and Us curling match live and other on-demand content via Migu Video’s mobile phone, PAD and PC terminal, with full commentary!It is understood that Migu video as CCTV, Beijing Olympic official broadcaster and platform of strategic partners, during the event, Migu CCTV video available production and broadcast content and show the full amount of events (sports channel/Olympic channel), including the CCTV’s commentary, Beijing news production and broadcast content and show the full amount of events (the games documentary channel) and the international Olympic committee (ioc)In addition, migu Video Diamond members can enjoy the privileges of watching movies, live broadcasting and identity. They can enjoy the content of 4K, 8K and VR events freely, and support 7 days to watch back, on-demand, split and secondary creation.Curling: Show the Beauty of movement and action Curling, also known as curling, curling, is a kind of throwing competition on ice, which is played by the team as a unit. It is described as the “chess” on ice. It tests the participants’ physical strength and mental ability, shows the beauty of movement and the wisdom of making choices.Curling was introduced as a demonstration sport at the first Winter Olympics in 1924.In curling, two teams play each game against each other.The two teams toss the ball in turn. When one player throws the ball, the other players hold a brush and brush in front of the ice so that the stone can reach the center of the camp.An opposing player may also wipe the ice in front of the stone to keep it away from the center of the circle.Finally, when the two players have completed all the curling, the winner is determined by the distance between the curling stones on the field and the center of the circle. The team with more points wins by 1 point per stone.Anecdote: Why is curling the Chosen Stone?As an ice throwing event, curling has special requirements for raw stone materials. First, the stone needs to be hard, and second, it requires that it cannot be cracked at low temperatures.The most common hard rock is granite.During the making and use of curling stones, it was gradually discovered that when the quartz content of granite was low, the stones were less likely to break.As a result, curling today is mostly made of mica-free granite.And most of the world’s high-quality curling stone, very single origin, must be used offshore Scotland – a natural granite island called Elsa Craig.Curling is the dominant event among European and North American countries, and the European countries occupy the majority of the participating teams.In addition to host China, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, the United States and the United Kingdom are all veteran teams with full seats.Chinese curling has achieved good results in the Winter Olympics.The Chinese women’s team won a bronze medal in their Olympic debut in Vancouver in 2010, the year after winning the world championship.China qualified for all three curling events at the Beijing Winter Olympics.