To respect the objective law, Liu Shiwen as sun Yingsha’s coach, to overcome great difficulties

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Some fans continue to hope that Liu shiwen will be the head coach of Sun Yingsha, in fact, these fans want Liu shiwen to become a grand Slam coach.Is this for the future of table tennis?Or is it to add to the personal resume and honor?Is Liu Shiwen fit for coaching?Even if suitable for why to teach Sun Yingsha alone?So many Chinese table tennis players do not go to coach, just coach a sun Yingsha why?As some fans said, China Ping is not supported by Sun Yingsha, Sun Yingsha is very invincible?If Sun yingsha’s role is not that great, why do Liu’s fans want Liu to be sun yingsha’s coach?In fact, it can be seen from China’s Asian Women’s Football Cup that a reliable coach has a great influence on the players on the field.A good coach is a true tactician who can turn a passive into an active player when the score is down.It’s not like some fans believe that the coach is not important, but the player’s performance on the field.Called a master tactician by many professionals, Shui qingxia’s ability to adjust on the spot was a key factor in winning the Asian Cup by coming back from the second half against Vietnam to beat Japan and South Korea.Many fans now compare Shui qingxia to jia Xiuquan, the former head coach of the women’s football team, and the quality of their coaching is clear.This means that a good coach can influence the performance of players on the court.A coach who is not good at coaching will always drop the ball at the crucial moment of the big match, which has been proved by the big match again and again.Why did The Chinese women’s football team win the gold medal when it was not as strong as its rivals?The reason lies in the fact that they have a coach who once won the championship. Shui Qingxia is the successor of the sonorous Rose generation in 1999, and has been teaching at the grass-roots level for a long time. She only entered the national team at the age of more than 50.So don’t envy him winning the Asian Cup for his first time as coach. This is after decades of accumulation, from player to coach, 36 years in the Asian Cup without a defeat.Just think, a young player who has just retired to coach the national team, can win the championship immediately?Now the men’s ping coach Qin Zhijian is also after ten years of grinding a sword, to cultivate the Malone grand Slam player.It took Xiao Zhan, Wang’s coach, 20 years to produce zhang Jike, the fastest Grand Slam player ever.Li Yang, the grand Slam coach who trained Li Xiaoxia and Zhang Yining, also worked her way up to the national team step by step after more than ten years of training.As talented as the national team is, it’s hard to develop a Grand Slam player.No one can casually succeed, want to rise to the top of the possibility is very small.Without many years of coaching experience, it is impossible to deal with the complicated situation in the big game.Liu shiwen’s coach Ma Lin was nervous in the mixed doubles final of the Olympic Games, because it was the first time for liu and Xu to coach this kind of competition, and he didn’t think his opponent could come back from a big deficit to win.So Marin is still learning and has yet to become a Grand Slam coach.Liu shiwen, who is much younger than Ma Lin, wants to make it to the top of the ladder and become a Grand Slam coach.Above all Liu Shiwen should take an examination of coach certificate first, took an examination of coach certificate, does not mean can go to coach Sun Yingsha.Liu will have to work at the grassroots level for several years before she can coach the national team.And even if he is able to coach a national team, he cannot start coaching a leading player.Because the main players of the national team shoulder the results of foreign games, this is not a place for Liu Shiwen to practice playing strange upgrade, because the real foreign games are not a joke.Isn’t Liu’s coach Ma Lin an example?The performance of Ma Lin in the mixed doubles final of the Olympic Games fully proved this point. The Competition of the Olympic Games is not so simple as visiting and traveling. Without sufficient preparation before the competition, it is not possible for the opponent to easily lose, so the road of coach promotion is definitely full of thorns.Therefore, to be a table tennis coach, we should respect objective laws, not just what the fans want.Because the strength of foreign players is already very strong, long past the era of random fight can win.But many ping-pong fans and coaches have not yet recovered from that glory, and it seems to take a series of setbacks to recover.The fan talk of having Liu as Sun yingsha’s head coach is the same as backing Liu for the Olympic singles competition before the Games began.It is no wonder that Fan zhendong is disgusted with the fan culture, which is almost a joke about competitive sports.A lot of times the fans can do whatever they want, but China can’t be influenced by that.Now as long as the Chinese table tennis players travel, we can always see a lot of fans following in the airport.Some fans are also reflecting on how they know the news, how they know the athletes’ travel routes.Rejecting the dining culture of the entertainment industry requires the efforts of all fans. Although it is very noticeable, it is not good for the career development of Chinese table tennis players in the long run.For those fans who hate the sky, the earth and the air, only when they can stop attacking and creating a healthy environment for the country, can they show the characteristics of their true fans. Sometimes it is difficult but necessary to be a fan who watches chess without speaking.Do not know the majority of fans friends how to look, welcome to leave a message to discuss.Pay attention to jiro shenkan ball, bring you different life perception and thinking.