To become a master 09 | work in the workplace “three pieces” (2)

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In the last section, we discussed the initial play of “do it right away”, so that employees, especially newcomers, can become reliable and strong employees in a short period of time.A friend of mine wrote me a private letter, talking about her experience in the workplace. She felt deeply about “doing it right away”, but it was difficult to do it in the workplace.”It should be a workplace culture,” she says reluctantly. “If you’re the only one in the company who” does it right away, “then you’re a” dumb sweet.”It turned out that wen You had joined a state-owned enterprise after graduation and was working in the administrative department. However, there were fewer people in the department and more things to do, so she was a newcomer who was burdened with many trifles. As a result, she often worked late at work.She complained to me with some grievance that in her department, if she did everything “right away”, no one would come to greet her even if she was tired to death. Instead, she would “lie flat” and be dragged to the post, and the leader would not do anything to her.The experience of this literary friend is indeed experienced in the workplace within the system. Newcomers often start from some trivial things, which is also what we call “handyman”.I don’t know this land is because don’t want to “how-to” and feel anger, or because a workplace “bullying” dispirited and discouraged, but, anyway, which embodies the “soon” style actually has its own set of operation methods, not take it for granted to use, otherwise became a topic of “on the”, in the end to suffer or myself.Below, we will combine wenyou’s workplace experience, to discuss some “immediately do” practical operation strategy.For people in the workplace, the “just do it now” style has its preconditions.Just as this article friend says in that way, “do immediately” is a kind of duty field culture, this kind of work style reflects the characteristic and individual character that gives duty field environment and whole atmosphere only in maximum ground, ability incisively and vividly shows your duty field charm and power, can let you appear to be incompatible with the environment otherwise.Therefore, every new person to a new environment, especially the new workplace, do not rush to express themselves, the best thing to do is to observe, familiar with the environment, feel the workplace culture here.We say that workplace culture is actually a comprehensive highlight of a department’s leadership, values, traditional customs, behavior and attitude and a series of factors, which directly affect the emotional relationship and interaction between members.Every enterprise and even every department of it has its own unique style, creating a different workplace culture.Therefore, working in a new environment, you’d better watch, look at the department working environment is open or conservative, the communication between colleagues is directly or implicitly, wear the dress is formal or casual, the relationship between the departments is smooth or twists and turns, all these different departments are different, to reflect the different workplace culture from it.Of course, after a general understanding of the new environment, the most fundamental thing is that you still need to make changes by yourself. You need to adjust your behavior through imitation, adapt to the new relationship, and step by step integrate into the new team.Only in the process of integration, can your personality and characteristics be gradually accepted and recognized by the surrounding environment, and only in this way, can you gradually show your own style and attitude.So, what follows is a set of rules on how to demonstrate your different skills and attitude by “just doing it”.(To be continued)