Push me too far!Wuhan team official notice to ignore Hao Junmin pay, even further forced pay cuts

2022-05-14 0 By

A few days ago, wu Wuhan team core Hao Junmin led a number of players on the social platform to publicly beg for salary.This caused a lot of fans hot discussion, we did not expect wuhan team unpaid wages so serious, even the always honest Hao Junmin were annoyed.Hao junmin’s public demand for salary is to hope that the club can respond, and actively resolve.In the face of fans and public opinion doubts, Wuhan team official can not sit.Wuhan team publicly issued a long statement, to the outside world passed three points of view.First, Wuhan said it would change its name to Wuhan Changjiang, an adjustment that fans didn’t like.Wuhan fans are blunt don’t rush to change the name, there is this time to move to solve the problem of unpaid team.Secondly, wuhan team for when to solve the problem of unpaid wages, still do not have a clear statement.Wuhan team just revealed in general, players assembled will solve the problem of unpaid wages last season.In this regard, Hao junmin long ago did not believe.Xiao Junmin’s way of asking for salary is to be forced out step by step by wuhan team’s perfunctory attitude.Wuhan team also said at the beginning of the year to solve unpaid wages, and then dragged to the present.So Wuhan team said after the team assembly, will solve last season unpaid wages, or is tantamount to a blank check.Finally, Wuhan team will sign a new contract with the players in the future, and a significant salary reduction.If wuhan players are not willing to accept the salary cut, they can leave the team in advance, and the team will try to attract new stars willing to accept the salary cut.Wuhan team above practice, caused a lot of fans hot discussion.Fans feel wuhan team this is do not want to play, to advance the dissolution of the rhythm.Wuhan team did not directly respond to the issue of unpaid wu Junmin, but to avoid serious issues.Therefore, Wuhan fans believe that the players of the road for salary, still have to stick to the end.The future of the Chinese football Association will need to move as soon as possible, urging wuhan team will owe wages as soon as possible to solve the problem.Wuhan team if has not solved this problem, the new season may not even access to the Super qualification.Hope wuhan team can give Hao Junmin a fair, as soon as possible into the right track.(Luo Manager)