If you have a big belly and high visceral fat, how to lose weight?There are only six things you need to do

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Everyone loves a good body, but it’s easy to put on weight!You will find that when you get fat, the easiest way to grow is your belly. If you do not pay attention to it, it will be a big circle.The key, the most uncomfortable is, please god easy to send god difficult, stomach easy, but not easy to reduce.Of course, we all know that fat synthesis is systemic, weight loss is systemic, belly fat is the most obvious explanation.Besides, as we all know, a big belly and more abdominal fat mean more visceral fat, which directly accumulates in the visceral organs and directly harms the metabolic function of the visceral organs.Why do we accumulate fat so easily in our bellies?There are several reasons for this, starting with our abdominal muscles.We all know that our abdominal muscles are divided into deep muscles and shallow muscles. The abdominal muscles, the vest lines that we can see intuitively are skeletal muscles. They’re superficial muscles.And the muscles that you can’t see, the transverse abdominis, the visceral muscles, they’re smooth muscles, they’re deep muscles.One of the characteristics of smooth muscle is that it is innervated by autonomic nerves. It is a kind of protective muscle that protects our internal organs. It is not active and aggressive, which means that when fat accumulates, it will not consume it actively, so it is easy for fat to come in and accumulate continuously.Another way to say it is to keep the center of gravity stable.Our abdomen is just at the center of gravity of the body. Fat is the spare energy stored in the body. It is not used at ordinary times but only used at critical times, so its storage cannot affect the normal operation.If the fat is mainly stored in other places, such as the limbs, it will easily affect the center of gravity, which is not good for human survival.So, the accumulation of fat will be around the body’s center of gravity to spread around, first is the abdomen, then is the thighs and buttocks, waist and back, if you keep getting fat, you can imagine a ball.Of course, there is also the accumulation of visceral fat in the internal organs, because a lot of metabolic functions need to be carried out in the internal organs, once the energy exceeds the standard, unable to normal metabolism, will be accumulated in the internal organs.Having excess visceral fat is far more harmful to your body than having excess visceral fat elsewhere, so it’s not impossible to lose it. Don’t try to exercise it out, but manage your diet.Here are six tips to teach you, you do, I believe that a month can let you see the obvious change, as soon as you have a good look.The first is to control sugar, that is, to reduce the intake of carbohydrates, especially like to eat food containing added sugar, it is easy to lead to fat accumulation.There is to reduce the intake of fine rice noodles, this is now a common disease, a large number of fine rice noodles is the killer of obesity.At the same time, it is necessary to increase the intake of whole grains to ensure balanced nutrition.The second is to control oil oil is our fat, is the highest energy substance, and is the body’s most easily converted into fat substance.Especially a lot of fried food to eat less, or even do not eat, because it is not only rich in oil, but also rich in trans fatty acids, it is difficult to metabolize, great harm to the human body.In addition to fried foods that contain trans fats, there are some food labels that contain trans fats like the following,Plants such as generation of cocoa butter, butter, margarine, MaiQiLin, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, hydrogenated fat, hydrogenated vegetable oil, refined vegetable oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil, hydrogenated palm oil, vegetable oil, ghee, artificial ghee, solid white butter or shortening the third is to eat meat meat is mainly for protein, and the fullness of meat is very durable, it is not easy to eat you hungry.When human body is digesting and absorbing meat, the energy that consumes also is most, much more than other food, the help to reducing weight is very big.As for which meat to choose?Chicken, duck, fish, pig, cow, sheep, seafood, river crab.The fourth is to eat vegetables. Many people don’t like to eat vegetables before, so you have to pay attention to that. During weight loss, you must eat more vegetables, accounting for more than half of the food.Just choose the kind of food, such as potatoes, yams, lotus root, taro these starch content is relatively high food, do not as vegetables, as the staple food to eat.And when frying vegetables put less oil, otherwise eat more vegetables, oil will follow to eat more.Fifth, do not drink alcohol is metabolized in the liver, once exceeded will damage the liver, easy to form fatty liver.And alcohol is not low in energy, second only to fat.Don’t think about what health wine to drink, as long as you drink will cause harm to your health.The sixth is right amount to eat besides food structure is unreasonable outside, you get fat, eat too much namely, quantity exceeded bid, even if your food is very healthy, eat much also can be fat, this everybody can understand.The process of losing weight is actually a process of gradually learning to eat in moderation. Our body does not need so much to maintain normal operation, but more will increase the burden of the body.Generally speaking, you eat to 7, 8 minutes full will be able to meet their needs, especially in the evening, to reduce the amount of food, the staple meat vegetables in the morning and noon to eat, eat vegetables in the evening.Maintain a certain period of fasting, conducive to the body’s self-recovery.Of course, in the end, it is recommended that we maintain exercise, although it is said that weight loss mainly depends on diet and exercise to assist, but in the long run, the value and experience brought by exercise is absolutely beyond your imagination.Especially a lot of people like to sit for a long time now, time is long, the next half body lacks motion, abdomen is in the state that relaxes all the time, can get adipose favour very easily, make strength accumulation.Lack of physical exercise, the overall quality will become worse and worse, is not conducive to the long-term maintenance of a good figure and health.Finally, to remind everyone, if you find that your stomach is getting bigger and bigger, it is not a happy thing, you should be alert, various chronic diseases are on the way, to timely management down, in order to enjoy a better quality of life.If you want to lose weight and still don’t know how to eat?Please leave a comment and get 30 days diet for free