Good news!Shanxi University has two “National College Huangdanian Teacher Teams”

2022-05-14 0 By

On January 31, the good news coming from shanxi university, the Ministry of Education has decided and announced the second batch of “national university Huang Danian type teachers team” list, shanxi university teachers’ philosophy of science and technology research team, led by professor gui-chun guo topped the list, this is the photoelectric institute of shanxi university teachers team after the second Huang Danian type teachers team “” national colleges and universities.The team consists of teachers from the Philosophy of Science and Technology Research Center, the key research base of humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education. The team integrates teaching and research.In 2000, the Research Center of Philosophy of Science and Technology was established. In the same year, it was approved as a key research base of humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education. In 2002, philosophy of Science and Technology became a national key discipline.In recent years, the group always adhere to formulate a concept of moral education first, long DE together, form and way, normalized ethics strengthen education and training, strengthen the construction of teacher career ethics, always put the ethics of strengthen the first standard for evaluation of teachers’ quality, promote the “four regression”, and perfect the system of “three full” work.All members of the team insist on teaching for undergraduates, and have won one special prize and two first prizes of Shanxi Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award. They have undertaken one national first-class course, one Excellent course of Shanxi Province, one excellent online open course and six core elective courses of general education.In the past 5 years, the graduate students trained by the team have published more than 100 CSSCI papers, 12 of them have won the excellent master and doctor papers of Shanxi Province, and more than 60 of them have won the innovative scientific research projects of Shanxi Province.The team also serves the development of local culture and tourism industry, promotes the integration of culture and tourism, and forms a multi-functional comprehensive platform integrating shanxi culture connotation mining and promotion, Shanxi regional development issues research, Shanxi philosophy research intelligent information service and literature database.Zhang Xiaoli, Zhang Ying) Taiyuan Daily