Weekend youth volunteer activities in the west Coast new District hot launch

2022-05-13 0 By

In order to further promote the regular development of youth volunteer service and better integrate youth volunteer service into the creation of the national model civilized city, on February 19, the Qingdao Communist Youth League Committee, Qingdao Municipal Youth Volunteers Association hosted by the West Coast New District Youth League Committee,The youth league Committee of Boli Town, West Coast New District, co-organized the weekend youth volunteer action of “Enriching youth, colorful Four Seasons — Volunteer service into the community” in Qingdao West Coast New District continues to be hot.This activity organized young volunteers to walk into the community in the form of youth public welfare gathering to provide a variety of voluntary services for the masses.In the early morning, the Youth League Committee, social Governance Center, Urban Management Office, Education, Culture and Health Center, epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters office, service station for veterans, labor unions, women’s federations, science and Technology associations and other departments of the town,And Dong Jia mouth maritime safety administration, the third people’s hospital, “hai hui yi home” volunteer service alliance, anchored in the town of the Red Cross, snow units and organizations such as public welfare, the Red Cross to hide horse rescue team of 40 young volunteers during the weekends, meets at berth in the town of yao community comprehensive service center, actively participate in the youth volunteer action at the weekend.”What do you want, uncle?”The young volunteers of Snow Charity asked Uncle Zhang carefully about his requirements for hair style. A small comb and a pair of scissors were flying in the hands of the young volunteers. After a while, Uncle Zhang’s originally messy hair became neat and clean.”Old, legs and legs are not good, usually long hair with scissors are casually cut a few, today at the door of the haircut, it is too thoughtful.”The old people who cut hair on the spot talk while cutting hair.In addition to free haircuts, the young volunteers also provide convenient services such as kitchen knife sharpening and free medical consultations, which are praised by the residents.In the event, from ZhenZhi departments, social organizations, youth volunteer team of young volunteers to carry out the garbage classification, gas safety sense, epidemic prevention and control, entrepreneurial interest-free loans and commercial fishing vessel collision, “three save three offer”, the common knowledge of first aid and other public welfare propaganda activity, and provide employment guidance and women’s rights protection and consulting,We will effectively guide community residents to enhance their awareness of safety, improve their skills in employment and entrepreneurship, and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.Meanwhile, at Jiaoyun Boli bus station, Boli subway station and Dongjiakou railway Station, young volunteers actively carried out the “Warm Winter action”.At the entrance, ticket window, waiting hall and other important places, young volunteers actively distributed epidemic prevention brochures, medical masks and other love materials to passengers who did not wear masks, and provided counseling and guidance. They warmed the passengers’ return journey with sincere smiles and warm services.In the next step, the Communist Youth League municipal Committee and the Municipal Youth Volunteers Association will organize more rich volunteer service activities, lead the youth league members to practice Lei Feng spirit, devote themselves to practice, sincere dedication, solve problems for the masses, send warmth;Let the masses personally feel the humanistic care and moral power brought by volunteer service, drive more young people to participate in volunteer service, and create a social atmosphere that “everyone participates in volunteer service and everyone benefits from a civilized city”.