“The Beginning” had a happy ending, but some called it too perfect

2022-05-13 0 By

On January 25, the last two episodes of the hit drama the Beginning aired, and everything was going in the right direction for a perfect finale.Zhang officer resurrected, “aunt pot” and the driver finally know the truth of the daughter off, the police also Wang Mengmeng innocence.Luddy’s parents agreed that he had a cat (hairless cat).”Uncle melon” successfully brought the watermelon to his son to eat, “aunt Medicine” and family fun, old coke got the good samaranch bonus, net red one brother and muscle brother is also living a good life.Two “circulator” Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun finally get rid of the cycle, sweet together!Some viewers, who are used to watching tragic endings, seemed unsatisfied with the ending, and the topic “Bad beginning” topped the hot search list, and all kinds of questions about the plot began to appear.”The Beginning” has shortcomings in the plot, especially about Wang Mengmeng’s part, some hasty, also a little unreasonable, the audience asked all kinds of questions reasonable.Some netizens are still asking why Li Entered the cycle.And inferring from the story whether other people are in the loop…Everyone has their own experience of watching the drama. It’s normal for some people to be satisfied and some people to be dissatisfied. However, such comments as “too big imagination will not pass the review”, “the cast and crew have made great efforts in this environment” or “emasculated version”…It’s annoying, like you’re the only smart person in the world!Do not underestimate the beginning because there are foreign “Groundhog Day”, “Source code”, “Edge of Tomorrow” and other circular theme works, it is not only suspense to reasoning plot, the expansion of individual role experience there is thinking about national conditions, this kind of infinite flow after localization is really very worthy of encouragement!Such a perfect ending is more common audience happy to see!”The beginning” broadcast volume has broken through 1.2 billion, five days more than 300 hot search, douban more than 300,000 people hit 8.2 high marks, but also South Korea bought the copyright early…The Beginning of 2022, the Beginning is a hit.Finally, I hope that there will be further performance of domestic dramas in 2022.A bad beginning