Opening ceremony flag bearer Gao Tingyu picked gold, sports general Administration winter sports center issued a congratulatory letter

2022-05-13 0 By

National Speed Skating Team:Winter Olympic Games in Beijing on February 12th, the men’s 500 m speed skating competition, the flag bearer the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic winter games China sports delegation Gao Ting yu forefront, a procession, a knock-out, with 34 seconds 32 creates a new Olympic record, add for the delegation to a gold medal, this is our country the first winter Olympic gold medal in the speed skating man project!Gao Tingyu with its outstanding performance in the “Ice ribbon” staged an exciting speed and passion, let the volunteer march in the “ice Ribbon” loud and clear play!Hope the delegation each team work together, make persistent efforts and struggle, continue to do a good job in every project behavior in the games show virtuosity and uplifting spirit, strive to complete the Beijing Olympics established the participative goal, for the party and the people strive for greater glory, make greater contributions for the realization of the sports power dream!Winter Sports Center of General Administration of Sports February 12, 2022 Source: China Snow and Ice Weibo