Nubia Z40 Pro image to debut IMX787, image new species?

2022-05-13 0 By

Zte Nubia Z40 Pro image specifications exposure: the first IMX787+35mm master lens, with 1/1.3± inch outsole, 50 million pixels, F1.6 aperture, or the industry’s first custom 35mm master focal segment.The 35mm Master lens has a 35% reduction in distortion, an 80% increase in light intake and a 78% increase in sharpness, and the OIS optical stabilization + full-pixel zoom provides a 70% increase in full scene completion.The Nubia Z40 Pro (NX701J) has been officially launched and will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 flagship.And Nubia Z40 Pro will be the first aerospace grade heat dissipation new material, known as “Dragon Master”, has a powerful heat dissipation system, heat dissipation coefficient increased by 30000%.Running a big game like Protogod also keeps it hot.Zte Lu Qian Hao also measured Nubia Z40 game performance, in the room temperature of 25℃ environment, Z40 at full speed to run “The Original God”, the mobile phone to touch there is actually a slight cool feeling, very comfortable.In addition, the Nubia Z40 Pro’s GeekBench score of 5 has been revealed, with single-core score of 1228 and multi-core score of 3379, leading the new Snapdragon 8 model.More notably, the GeekBench page lists the device as having 14.80GB of ram, which would suggest a 16GB version of the Z40 Pro.Zte Nubia Z40 Pro through the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology radio approval, estimated distance from the official release is not far, and after all, the Red Devils in the game of mobile phone development, this New Nubia in the heat is also very interesting.So, have you ever used a Nubia phone?