Hearthstone: A new version of tavern Chess. If you want to “speed eight”, choose these 5 heroes and you will be out easily

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Hello, I’m Ma Xiaotiao.In the previous two articles, I shared five heroes whose strength soared in the new version of Tavern Battle and why some heroes’ strength rose or fell.However, it’s not just about playing strong heroes, it’s also about avoiding weak ones. Here are the five weakest heroes in the new version of Tavern Battle.Fifth from the bottom: Snide snide was a strong hero who ate rotten points in the past, relying on his ability to cast a lot of summoning death words on his followers, and cooperating with Khadgar to basically eat rotten points.However, as the saying goes, “if you don’t move forward, you lose.” In the new version of Tavern Battle, Sneed’s companion doesn’t give it any real improvements, and it may even slow it down due to the issue of summoning dead language.Sneed strength unchanged at the same time, other heroes because of the partner to join the strength soared, originally can only eat rotten points, very bad chicken sneed nature is very difficult to play.Fourth from the bottom: Sade Walker Sade Walker has no company and no skills.On the one hand, the shadrin generated by shadrwalker’s ability is usually spent in the early and middle stages, and very little of it is saved for the late stages.On the other hand, even if we save Shadrin for later, there is no race or star level limit for the battle roar minions spawn, it is too random.In addition, Shadwerk’s sidekick has no race of its own and can’t grow up with bronze beard and various combat roar buffs, so the late battle is not good enough.Alana Star has been at the bottom for a long time, watching Illidan and The lich Bazyal rise in strength, one to T1, the other to T2. Why didn’t Alana get special attention from the hearthstone designers?Speaking of, Alana and Omu’s situation is somewhat similar, refresh and upgrade can not get partner progress, alana wants to quickly get a partner can not quickly transform.Also, Alana’s partner is not strong enough, the problem is that she does not have a race, alana to play elemental flow, it is better to use recycling spirit.Second to last: Elise Star by Star Elise Star by star is an older sister.Elise’s sidekick is basically a stable 2 – star follower per turn.The strength of the minions would be fine if the upgrade was fast enough, but the current version of Tavern Wars is not a speed-up version.Upgrade cost not only means slow acquisition of friends, but also easy to be drawn into the scene full of opponents, in case there is no ideal discovery options after upgrade cost, why not send it directly?Before the hearthstone 22.2 patch was officially updated, Tess’s little sister’s companion was once thought to be the answer.And, Tess little sister in the version of the update did contribute a lot of interesting games.But the reality is so skinny, Tess little sister’s average ranking in the whole section is the last, although the whole live can live, the difficulty is really high, don’t forget Tess’s partner but a few four-star partners ah!Want to get it, how also get nine fee ten fee, the opponent’s battle force early pull full.Just say so, you may also feel the strength of the above five heroes have much lower, I’ll give a data: in addition to the five heroes, the average rating of other T4 hero at least 5.1, beginning, Germany, on average, ranking dropped to 5.33 immediately, Tess directly dropped to 5.71, may also peak tamsin can achieve the data!Have you ever eaten chicken with these five heroes?With what lineup?Hearthstone: The Legend of Hearthstone: The legend of Hearthstone: The legend of Hearthstone: The legend of God