God bless the second son’s first birthday banquet, Chen Jingying basked in a family of four, only ten days younger than her daughter

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About the network red anchor god bless’s daughter and two sons of things, because of YY anchor “small venom” broke the news surfaced, also let the majority of netizens that the original God Bless has been the father of three children.God bless three children may have some netizens do not know, first of all, God bless and Chen Jingying had a son a few years ago.And the small venom with god you have a daughter, and god you and their Revelations during the together, and Chen Jingying gave birth to two children.And small venom and god bless daughter, with Chen Jingying and God bless the second son birth time only differ about a month.Earlier this month, as a single mother, YY anchorwoman Xiao Venom held a grand birthday party for her daughter alone.Because small venom and god bless part company is not happy, because this daughter one full year of life banquet also did not see the father of the child appear.God’s youngest daughter full one year, and Chen Jingying’s second son one year banquet is also followed by nature.Recently, Chen Jingying posted photos of her and Tianyou’s second son’s first birthday party on weibo, and said, “Happy birthday to my boy.” We all love you.This is naturally a happy scene of the family, and Chen Jingying also basked in a happy photo with a family of four.This scene is natural and small venom to do for her daughter’s first year banquet formed a sharp contrast, this family is more complete after all.This family photo also met the needs of many fans, many fans also sent sincere wishes.According to Chen Jingying revealed that the eldest son “shell” at that time did not do a first year banquet but do “100 days”.At the same time, Chen Jingying also posted a touching words of her mother. Because of special reasons, Chen Jingying’s parents could not attend the second grandson’s first birthday banquet in Beijing, and transferred 20,000 yuan of lucky money to the second grandson.God bless 2 son and daughter of 1 one full year of life banquet only differ ten days, estimate this is also impossible to complete in ordinary family “task”.For this some net friends also just learned, original and “opposite” daughter is only small ten days, frankly feel quite ironic.Small venom in the live news, he is also in the birth of her daughter shortly before that God bless and Chen Jingying compound things.Now Chen Jingying is really the “main house”, a few days ago praised God you gave her famous brand bag, praised the child his father’s eyes are getting higher and higher.Just the past Valentine’s Day also drying out the flowers and red money transfer, and God bless mother mother revealed to send a car to Chen Jingying.And the small venom side is estimated to see Chen Jingying son first birthday banquet news, she released a video to sing about her daughter’s future countless possibilities.Small venom will be singing into the future of her daughter, although there are a lot of expectations for her, but as long as her daughter happy on the line.And venom also said that he can be her daughter indomitably “father” role, venom is not easy, the future will be both father and mother to raise her daughter alone.For more exciting content, follow us at Fan-Bang Entertainment