Family situation: My father scolded my sister for giving me gifts, but my daughter-in-law picked me up and left

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Good filial piety first!For couples, honor your parents and honor each other’s parents.To New Year’s day, my sister sent boxing last night, finally grievance said: later back home have pressure.Last night, I was resting in my room with my wife and children.I heard my sister entering the door.Younger sister: “dad, you lift once, somebody else come in strange heavy of, you also don’t give lift once.”Dad: Why do you buy so many things?Nothing is missing at home.Sister: This is the New Year, the New Year back home, who still don’t buy something!Dad: What did you buy for the parents-in-law?Sister: no, the family has nothing to lack, and we live together, what to buy!Dad: Why do you buy something when I have everything?Sister: Who goes home without carrying things?Dad: Then who doesn’t go shopping at mother-in-law’s house?Sister: We are spending the Spring Festival together. Why are you doing so many things?Mind people’s business!Dad: You were together. It’s the same thing to buy clothes for someone.Is it easy to baby-sit you all year round?That mother-in-law is also niang, you don’t have a little worldly wisdom, I here you don’t buy line, your mother-in-law that place must buy.Sister: Why are you doing so much?Oh, my God, is this happening again?Dad: I’m afraid I’ll never be able to face your mother-in-law and father-in-law. I’m afraid people will say I can’t teach children.Sister: Then how to send you a gift back to the accident?Dad: Just like you, I don’t need you!Sister: Ok, ok……Mom: The child has come back, you are so many people!Dad: Shut up! You’re protecting my kids when I teach them?Sister: Stop arguing. I’ll go shopping. I’ll go shopping.Said, the sister took her husband ready to go out to buy boxing, but also said that later back home have pressure.Daughter-in-law hurriedly told her sister to wait, and said to go together, and then pulled me together to accompany.Daughter-in-law out of the door, said to his father: Dad, help take care of the children, we accompany little sister to go!My friends, do you call my father a busybody?