Ai 5PLUS discount up to 500 thousand yuan welcome to visit

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Areze 5 PLUS play cool on the market, limited time benefits: 99 yuan for lifelong free basic maintenance;500 yuan to 5500 yuan car purchase, up to 3000 yuan replacement subsidies, up to 5000 yuan financial subsidies.Arezer 5 PLUS meets the aesthetic preferences of a new generation of young consumers with a double face.Atmosphere style and harsh style of the two modeling posture to meet the different aesthetic appeal of stable and trend, young talent and dynamic hipmen can be selected at will.In order to enable intelligent travel, Areze 5 PLUS is equipped with Lion Lion 3.0 intelligent cloud interaction system, which covers four leading technologies of AI face recognition technology, AI Intelligent cloud manager, AI enhanced natural voice interaction and AI intelligent cloud interconnection remote vehicle control, so as to lead the super-level interactive experience and make travel easier.Booking hotline ★ : 0551-6345-2222.Buy Chery in 2022!I only choose Anhui source Chery!★ dear people, quickly pick up your hands of the phone call “inquiry” hotline or click “inquiry” button, there will be a surprise (bottom price) oh!