“Wind” from Luoyang Mixuan New | “wind” from cloud surge shaping tuyere industry “accelerator”

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Finding the “tuyere” of industrial development is only the first step in gaining momentum.It is not easy to take off from the “tuyere”.Just like seeds cannot do without soil, the development of “tuyere” industry is also inseparable from the support of factors.With a view to accelerating the cultivation and development of “tuyere” industry, Luoyang has tilted the allocation of elements to promote the formation of “tuyere”, and made great efforts to create a development environment of “wind and cloud meeting”.This platform to launch 3 sets all media reported series “” wind” luoyang vientiane new “show you the luoyang” draught “industry advantage of thought and exploration practice Today on the third set the “wind” cloud chung Shape “accelerator”, “new tuyere industry, is located in luoyang high-tech zone of qing rocky to heavy handed over a” report card “:Since its establishment 5 years ago, more than 20 key equity incubation enterprises have accumulated a valuation of nearly 2 billion yuan.New atmosphere in spring and new vision in New Year.In 2022, Qing Lok Base will start the construction of luoyang’s first smart Island innovation community, focusing on leading industry and future industry, and focus on the construction of “application research – technology development – achievement transformation – entrepreneurship incubation – industrialization” full life cycle innovation chain.The relevant person in charge of qing rocky island to wisdom innovation community projects Xia Kangcheng: qing rocky ground is closely integrated with market and industry operating model as the foundation, preparatory construction qing rocky island of wisdom innovation community, hope that through cluster innovation resources, further to build scientific and technological innovation, “double gen” incubation, leading in the integration of financial fu, talent innovation ecosystem.To accelerate the construction of major innovation platform is one of the ten key work of economic and social development in Luoyang city this year.Since last year, Luoyang has adhered to innovation-led development and started the construction of smart island innovation community and technology incubation carrier. It has actively introduced and cultivated new RESEARCH and development institutions, accelerated the gathering of various innovative resources, and continuously stimulated new drivers of high-quality development.Li Xutan, Deputy director of luoyang Science and Technology BureauIsland with wisdom innovation community construction as the lead, with the building of new research and development institutions, science and technology intermediary agencies, to concentrate on high level innovation platform construction, in order to “hilo-systems talents program” for the gripper, gathering first-class innovative talents, realize technical high-end elements such as agglomeration and the introduction of high level park operators, a batch of planning and construction municipal island wisdom innovation community.Grasping the industry needs innovation to drive, grasping the “tuyere” industry cannot do without industrial operators.Just a few days ago, the Chanhe River Area through the establishment of industrial guidance fund, in the way of fund investment, successfully attracted new forces of car – box car.At present, the two sides have reached a consensus to guide intelligent travel services and products to Be launched in Luoyang, which will also be the first pilot city for box cars.Fund as the line, string the industrial chain, the formation of industrial clusters, the Chanhe River Area with industrial guidance fund, aimed at the “tuyere” industry, build a new advantage of high-quality development of the industry.Luoyang Science and Technology Bureau administrative examination and approval section chief Liu Huiyang: highlight the “tuyere” industry science and technology and finance work, solve the “tuyere” industry investment and financing problems.In particular, we should give full play to the guiding role and amplification effect of scientific and technological innovation guidance funds, give full play to the role of financial guidance funds, and leverage social capital with market means to achieve the goal of supporting high-quality enterprises and developing “tuyere” industries.Grasping industries is the key to revitalize luoyang’s glory.To realize the “tuyere” industry “out of nothing”, the city is targeting the “tuyere” of electronic information, biomedicine, digital economy and other industries, precisely carrying out industrial chain investment, focusing on introducing a number of “tuyere” enterprises, to provide new support for industrial development.In order to realize the “tuyere” industry, the city will speed up the process upgrading and product upgrading, promote the transformation of equipment manufacturing, metal materials, petrochemical and other traditional competitive industries to “tuyere” industry, and lay a solid foundation for industrial development through the implementation of “three major transformation” and the quality enhancement of high-growth enterprises.Luoyang city of industry and information technology bureau chief engineer Zhen-qiang meng: as soon as possible in the agricultural machinery bearings, photoelectric connecting device, high performance aluminum materials, and other areas of the multiple advantages of substantive breakthrough and strive to form a batch of gold content, influence big, strong competitiveness of major scientific and technological innovation, promote the industry transformation of traditional industries to the “discourse”.This year, Luoyang will take the development of “tuyere” industry as the main line and anchor the “three goals” of building luoyang into a national innovation highland, an important advanced manufacturing base and an immersive cultural and tourism destination.We will focus on the construction of scientific and technological innovation platforms, the multiplication of high-tech enterprises, the cultivation of high-growth enterprises, the building of competitive industrial clusters, the construction of immersive cultural and tourism projects, and industrial investment and financing, so as to make substantive breakthroughs in the development of the “Tuyere” industry.In the past, Luoyang prospered because of industry. Today, Luoyang will seize the opportunity of “Tuyere” to promote industrial development.Reporter: ZhuangTong niki correspondent: Huang Yu Review of mist ya-li wang Yang Gao Yaheng editor: xue-li zhao | : Aaron kwok cheung wai in look