Why is Treasure girl Gu Ailing so perfect?In addition to powerful genes, both are crucial

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In recent days, gu Ailing, 18, has been dominating the screen, opening the Internet and major print media, and being bombarded with news about her.Olympic champion, gifted girl, good figure, high appearance level, high emotional intelligence, all these beautiful labels are all set in her body, such a girl’s life has been suspended, is simply the ceiling of Chinese girls of the same age.Can aspire to, but difficult to achieve.Gu Is omnipotent.She can not only ski, but also play the piano, ballet, equestrian, basketball, writing, eloquence, and even, but also on the hall, into the kitchen, cooking a good dish.A girl like that, a treasure girl of a lifetime.So why is Gu so good?From the point of view of an ordinary people, gu Ailing can be so perfect, the main reason for three aspects.First, it has very good genes.It is well known that Gu’s father is an American who graduated from Harvard University.And her mother is Peking University outstanding student, overseas elite.Both her father and her mother were elite educated and successful.Even her grandfather and grandmother are the dragon and phoenix of the people. Her grandfather is the main force of football in China’s famous universities. He is also good at painting, poetry, piano, swimming and skiing.Gu’s grandmother was a top student at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.The power of genes is very powerful, coupled with the hybrid smart genes, such a child is born with genius traits, excelling at everything.Secondly, there is a good mother who is a high quality ski instructor.Even with talent, gu Could hardly have reached such a high level in the skiing field without the help of a good mother who was a ski coach.As a single mother, Gu Yan almost put all her heart and soul into Gu Ailing, not only in skiing training, from mentality to personality to vision, to the establishment of the whole world outlook, her mother has contributed a lot.It is because of her mother’s elite education that she has cultivated an outstanding and incomparable gu Ailing.This is even more important than genes to her success.The last point, of course, has to do with her own personal efforts.The world has never been absolute genius, we see those so-called “genius”, behind the ordinary people have paid unimaginable sweat and tears.Gu Ailing can win gold MEDALS again and again in women’s freestyle skiing platform, and her efforts behind are inseparable.Even if she was born better than others, without her efforts in the day after tomorrow, it would have been difficult to reach the current height.An excellent person is not terrible, afraid of the people who are better than you, but also harder than you, more fight.It is difficult for such a man not to succeed.