The craft characteristics of jade wares in Han Dynasty

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In fact, the establishment of the Western Han Dynasty was a milestone, which was an unprecedented period of unification in China at that time. At that time, the Liu Han Dynasty also got accelerated development, and opened the cultural field of communication between China and the West.In addition, many important measures have been taken to absorb diverse cultures, integrate the strengths of various schools of thought and complete academic unification, so that China’s cultural system and style have been developed and consolidated.And the heyday of the Han Dynasty also early the development of Chinese jade, so, what are the characteristics of the craftsmanship of han dynasty jade?Let’s take you to understand.1: west white marble rose sparrow lamp, size: high 17 cm, valuation: HKD 5,000,000 ~ 7,000,000, transaction price: HKD 19,700,0001, cutting process in the process of opening, generally is the use of wire saw or straight saw, sometimes also with the disc guilf-cutter weight cutting.Saw or mound edge edge is very thin, such as mancheng Han tomb jade and jade garment piece on the straight saw mark, saw seam width 1~1.5 mm, some only 0.35 mm wide.At that time, the production precision of jade pieces reached an unprecedented level, which laid a technical foundation for the complex gold and jade inlay.2: Han jade exorcism, size: 6.5cm wide, estimate: HKD 6,000,000 ~ 8,000,000, transaction price:HKD 10,680,0002, Live ring set technology Live ring cut carving is actually a very sophisticated technology, but by the Han Dynasty, this kind of processing technology is no longer a problem, so in many vessels have this kind of technology.3. Drilling Process The drilling process of Jade wares in the Han Dynasty was very mature, and this technology was used in many aspects of jade carving.The drill bit is usually made of iron, and even a very slender hole in a jade pipe can be made very straight.3: Western Han dynasty jade dragon pattern sword ornaments a set of three pieces and a jade hook cloud pattern sword case, size: 8.8 cm wide, price: HKD 8,460,0004, hollowed-out craft after the Spring and Autumn period, hollowed-out technology is widely used in jade carving, especially in the Warring States period is frequently used, this craft style has been affected to the Han and Wei periods.5, carving craft Han dynasty iron tuo was widely used in all aspects of jade carving, such as: single Yin line, double Yin line, against the ground pattern and so on.At that time, there were many articles that were widely used, and many articles were decorated with various kuilong patterns, cloud patterns, rolling cloud patterns, grain patterns, pu patterns, eddy patterns, milk ding patterns, etc.4: Late Warring States/early Western Han Dynasty jade carvings 珮, size: 10 cm, estimate: HKD 3,800,000 ~ 5,000,000, price:HKD 6,8506, Polishing Craft In the middle and late Warring States period to the early Western Han Dynasty, in fact, the polishing of jade articles had reached a very high level, and some jade articles even achieved the effect of glass light.In short, in the Han Dynasty, there were so many shapes of jade, and the craft was so advanced that the later generations would constantly imitate han jade when making jade.