Multiple projects in Lanzhou New Area press the “fast forward” button to resume work and production

2022-05-12 0 By

Lanzhou New District project construction site China Gansu Network on February 13, lanzhou Daily reported that people frequently spring comes early, struggle.Just after the Spring Festival holiday, all projects of the New District City Investment Group have resumed work and production in an orderly manner, and started the “struggle mode”. With the momentum of “the beginning is a decisive battle, the beginning is a sprint”, all the efforts have been sounded to resume work and production after the holiday.At the site of the municipal supporting project of the third phase of the expansion of Zhongchuan International Airport, the construction personnel worked in an orderly way, racing against time to carry out the work of external wall reinforcement binding and full hall support.”All project management personnel have been put in place and are carrying out preparations for the resumption of work in an orderly manner.We have also arranged special personnel to contact and connect labor workers to return to their posts, and actively implement epidemic prevention and control measures and carry out pre-job safety training.”New district city investment group related person in charge said.At the same time, in order to effectively promote the resumption of work and production of all projects, the New District City Investment Group held special meetings to make detailed arrangements for project epidemic prevention and control, return of labor, and life service guarantee, requiring all construction units to devote themselves to the work and enter the working state quickly.Conduct safety education and inspection on resumption of work, and conduct safety inspection and hidden trouble screening on the whole construction site environment and mechanical equipment to ensure safe resumption of work conditions;Organize and plan the construction, make work plans and construction schemes according to the progress plan of the current node of the project and the construction unit, ensure the efficient and orderly resumption of the project, and arrange all work scientifically and reasonably.Full media reporter Zhang Pengwei, intern Hu Xinyu/photo