Make it to the finals!Wang Shuang the first time dispatch: sisters cow!You can always trust Chinese women’s football

2022-05-12 0 By

Chinese New Year on February 3rd grade night 22 points, is India’s women’s Asian cup in the second semifinal game against Japan by the Chinese women’s women’s team, after 120 minutes fighting + penalty shootout 5 rounds, the Chinese women’s team total score 6-5 over Japan, success in the women’s Asian cup final, the girls will and South Korea for the championship.Wang Shuang, the top star of the Chinese women’s soccer team, was unable to play because of a sprained ankle and had to sit on the court to watch her teammates fight it out.Lacking Wang Shuang’s ball control and organization in the front court, the women’s football team had obvious disadvantage on the field and fell behind twice. Even so, the women’s football team didn’t give up, they equalized twice and beat Japan in penalty shootout.After the race, Wang Shuang immediately posted: “Sisters!Cattle!Proud of you you can always trust the Chinese women’s football team!!”Yes, you can always trust Chinese women’s football.In the adversity, the women’s football players did not give up and the coaching staff did not give up. Shui Qingxia instructed the two offensive players Li Ying and Yang Lina to fight in the second half of the extra time, which gained the advantage in the game. Wang Shanshan’s goal in the 118th minute was just the reward for the women’s football girls’ hard work.Shoot-out, goalkeeper Zhu Yu like a god, saved the Japanese team two penalties.With the victory, the Chinese women’s soccer team also ended a four-game losing streak against Japan.China has reached the final of the Women’s Asian Cup for the first time since 2008, after finishing fourth (2010), third (2014) and third (2018) in the previous three tournaments.In the final, China will play South Korea at 19:00 on February 6th.Chinese women’s football team, come on!