Liu Qi, mayor of Linxiang People’s government, went to Changtang Middle School to investigate the work

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Hua Sheng Online April 2 – (correspondent Luo Shoucheng) April 1 afternoon, Linxiang Municipal Party Committee deputy secretary, Mayor Liu Qi, deputy Mayor Li Weifeng delegation came to Changtang Middle school, the school epidemic prevention and control, improve the rural compulsory education basic conditions of the three-year plan implementation and education and teaching work research.Mayor Liu inspected the construction site, went into each functional area, went into classrooms, offices, dormitories and canteenagers, and had a detailed understanding of the school’s operating conditions, teachers’ teaching and working, students’ learning and accommodation, and looked up information about the school’s epidemic prevention and control, and special activities such as reading and scientific innovation.After fully affirming the school’s early work, Mayor Liu emphasized three aspects.First, we must be strict in our work to ensure that no mistakes are made.He asked the school must be good three, that is, guard the door, irrelevant personnel shall not enter the gate, no matter who in and out of the gate must sweep the site code;We will carry out timely monitoring and adhere to the system of morning, afternoon and evening tests and random nucleic acid tests.Do a good job of campus disinfection and ensure safe eating.Second, in the third year, the project must be completed on time on the premise of ensuring safety and quality.Third, the quality of education must be solid, schools should always put the improvement of education quality in the first place;To establish the correct value orientation, fairness and justice, strict management, to reuse capable people, the implementation of the last teacher elimination system;We should pay attention to teachers’ needs, divert resources to frontline teachers, and enhance teachers’ sense of gain and happiness.We should strengthen the construction of teachers’ ethics and conduct, and lead the style of study and school with a good teaching style.