Instead of blanching or stewing, the pork in brown sauce is tender and melts in your mouth, so learn quickly

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Don’t blanch nor water stew, braise in soy sauce meat more tender, to melt in your mouth, quickly learn to braise in soy sauce meat fat but not greasy, melt in your mouth, and thus is quite popular with children, older people, today we will go to learn the super delicious braise in soy sauce meat, not for water stew, learn to do for his family to eat, entertaining New Year’s day is also a good food.We’re going to start with the pork belly, and pay attention to the braised pork belly, it’s going to be more fragrant.Cut the pork belly into large sections and set aside.Fire, don’t put anything, heat the wok, smoke is ok, pork belly skin side in the wok to cook.Just see the pigskin bubbling.When all is done, place in cold water and scrape the skin with a knife.After cleaning, cut the pork belly into chunks again, the bulk can be slightly larger, so that it is more delicious.Cut some ginger slices, and then prepare aniseed, you can put bay leaf, cinnamon, star anise and so on.Heat oil in a wok and add sugar.After the sugar color, add the pork belly and stir-fry.So that every piece of pork belly is coated with sugar.Pour in the prepared aniseed, then stir fry, pay attention to stir-fry, otherwise the pork belly is easy to stick to the pot.Add a bottle of beer, spring onion knot, and cook for 40 minutes.When the time came, we turned on the rice cooker and the thick smell of meat came to us.Remove the aniseed and onion knot, continue to cover the pot, heat to reduce the sauce.The delicious pork belly is done, and the braised pork in brown sauce made by the rice cooker is more soft and mellow, which melts in the mouth, fat but not greasy, and not afraid of burning the bottom. Most importantly, there is no need to worry about the taste of beer, because it has been volatile, and learn to do it for the family to eat.