Beijing Institute of Technology MEM reexamination Guide Lin Chen accompany you to the postgraduate entrance examination

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In 1996, Beijing Institute of Technology became one of the first units to grant engineering master’s degree.Training objectives:To cultivate good ideological and political quality, professional ethics accomplishment and social responsibility, grasp the forefront of engineering management system theory and method, with both equipment development and manufacturing engineering, big data and information engineering, energy and environment engineering at home and abroad, major engineering project investment decision-making technology demonstration and operational management of engineering technology base,Also can effectively plan, organize, direct, coordinate and control engineering practice and technology development activities, with innovative tolerance, times responsibility, international vision and excellent engineering management ability of high-level, compound and applied engineering management professionals.1. Citizens of the People’s Republic of China;2, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, good moral character, law-abiding;3. The physical condition meets the physical examination requirements stipulated by the state and the university;Candidates’ educational background (national education sequence) must meet one of the following requirements :(1) applicants with 3 years or more working experience after graduation from university (before September 1, 2019);(2) Those who have obtained master’s degree or doctor’s degree and have 2 years or more working experience (before September 1, 2020);(3) Five years or more working experience after junior college graduation (before September 1, 2017).Inheriting the red gene of “Yan ‘an Root, military spirit”, serving the major strategic needs of the country, combining the advantages of the university in equipment development, computer science and technology, information and communication engineering, management science and engineering, energy and environment and other engineering fields, forming four distinctive training directions:(1) Equipment engineering management (2) Big data and information engineering management (3) Energy and environmental engineering management (4) Project management international vision: AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA three international certification, short-term visiting study, exchange study.Second class: mobile class, famous lecture hall, special lecture, academic salon, enterprise forum, etc.(iii) Length of Schooling Part-time master of Engineering Management professional degree postgraduate basic length of schooling is 2 years, the longest is not more than 4 years.Tuition: 126,000 yuan for two years, 63,000 yuan for each year.Students are required to pay tuition fees for each academic year at the time of registration.(v) Class time: Saturday/Sunday + usual evening (or only Saturday/Sunday).(6) Diploma awarding and Degree Awarding Students who have completed the required credits, completed the master thesis and passed the thesis defense within the specified period will be awarded the Graduate certificate of Master of Engineering Management of Beijing Institute of Technology and the master of Engineering Management certificate of Beijing Institute of Technology after examination and approval by the university.Second interview MEM of Beijing Institute of Technology is normal batch enrollment.Please refer to 2021 Admission.The cut-off for 2021 is 175 (86/43).(I) Contents of the second test: including qualification examination, English speaking and listening, ideological and political assessment, engineering management courses, comprehensive ability test, etc.The second test is the embodiment of the comprehensive quality of the examinee, including the appearance of the overall image inspection;The examination of candidates’ educational and vocational background;The examination of the examinee’s English listening and speaking ability;To the examinee’s expression ability, the communication ability, the logic analysis ability, the strain ability, the cooperation spirit, the professional quality, the practice ability and the innovation spirit and so on comprehensive ability inspection.(2) Second interview process: 1. Candidates should introduce themselves by PPT (preparation in advance) for 5 minutes, including personal information, learning, work experience, professional advantages and interests, as well as future career planning and other aspects (not limited to these aspects, but not overtime);2. Candidates randomly select questions from the ideological and political assessment question bank and answer them;3. Experts select questions from the English question bank and ask questions in English. Candidates answer questions in English to test their English listening and speaking level.4. Candidates randomly select questions from the professional knowledge question bank and answer them;5. Candidates’ comprehensive quality interview. Experts in the second interview will ask questions about the candidates’ basic information, professional background, career planning and management knowledge, and candidates will give oral answers.(1) The ideological and political assessment and examination scope: the party’s important literature published since the 19th National Congress;Speeches on current political issues or important documents adopted by the CPC Central Committee since January 2020.(4) Score Calculation: Total score = total score of the preliminary test ×60%+ (score of the second test ×3) ×40% Foreign language listening and speaking test: 50 points for each, accounting for 20% of the second test score;The total score of political assessment and professional courses of Engineering Management (MEM) major is 100, accounting for 20% of the score of the re-examination. All candidates who pass the re-examination and plan to be admitted shall participate in the political examination. Candidates who fail the political examination will not be admitted.Those who fail in the reexamination and those who fail in the reexamination will not be admitted (the score of 100 points is less than 60 points).What if the project is delayed?2. How do you build a team?Tell me about some projects you have worked on.4. What is the concept of project cost control?5. Which project is the most challenging?6. How much do you remember from college?Application of BIM in the industry iv. Suggestions for Examination Preparation 1. MEM of Beijing Institute of Technology has normal batch enrollment.Last year fractional line is national A line, mark is not tall, but competition slants big, examinee should prepare as soon as possible.2. You are welcome to contact “Lin Chen to accompany you to take the postgraduate entrance exam” if you need to take the second exam/adjust the exam/help you with the written exam.Mr. Lin Chen, the instructor of MBA MEM MPA EMBA MPACC, has accompanied 1000 students to MBA MEM MPA EMBA MPACC of ideal universities.