Zhang Jiwen created a new way of playing male gun, sprint flow male gun who also do not love, chasing behind crazy output

2022-05-11 0 By

What summoner skills do you like to bring when playing League of Legends?Flash is indispensable for a lot of players, after all, more than a piece of displacement is more than a means of leading, at the same time also has a lot of help in pursuit, but also for male gun the hero, blink seems to have become the standard configuration, we also is very comfortable to use, but recently the clothes man gun anchor chia-wen chang but bring you a new style of men’s gun,That is the sprint male gun, coupled with Zhang Jiawen’s excellent ability to live, when the male gun opened the sprint, Zhang Jiawen is like a mad dog chasing each other behind the ass bite, live effect instantly pull full, we also see the irony.But the operation of the prophase chia-wen chang hot eyes, could have killed the middle but small method, the results directly to an empty big, small residual blood escape, opposite to teammates timely support, take the small method, otherwise this wave of operation can be really is too embarrassing, after winning a tower across the road, chia-wen chang and rushed into the opposite ueno district, teammates speak at this time to remind the above three people,But Zhang Jiawen was determined to go his own way, when did not hear, a person mang in and then sent, after he also said himself, I how so waste ah, how feel I even a jiao month are not as good as ah, even a woman are not as good as ah, in fact, this is not a dish, discerning people can see, the early advantage can not start wave?In fact, Zhang Jiwen’s sprint male gun is also quite severe, so that the mobility of the male gun is strengthened, the ability to invade the other side of the field has been greatly improved, the early can play a good advantage, the middle is with the sprint speed increase to kill the whole court!We all know that the male gun is very strong in the early stage of the anti-wild ability, it is easy to bloom in the wild area, has a very high armor bonus, it is easier to beat the advantage when facing the physical wild, but without the red BUFF, the male gun is difficult to stick to the opposite side, often see the other side of various blood escape.Blink while also can quickly close to the opponent, but close to was just a moment, once did not take away each other, will never overtake, while sprinting, long duration and could catch up with each other more effectively, make male gun not E skills can quickly close to the opponent, the opponent in flash or displacement, male can open E skills to catch up with the gun, opponent is hard to escape from the male gunman!This game zhang Jiawen although in the early made a lot of mistakes, but the overall record is still very good, but also hit the output of the sprint male gun, it seems that this kind of play can try, maybe there will be unexpected feelings?So what do you think about sprint man?