Taiwan compatriots view the opening of the Winter Olympics: share the glory with the motherland, xiangxiangshengju

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Beijing, Feb. 5 (CNS) — Taiwan compatriots watch the opening of the Winter Olympics: Sharing the glory with the motherland, celebrating the opening of the 24th Winter Olympic Games in Beijing on February 4.In the evening, a romantic Opening ceremony full of creative and technological elements was staged in the National Stadium of China, the Bird’s Nest. Taiwan compatriots, as volunteers and spectators, experienced the Winter Olympics in different ways and shared the glory of the ice and snow.The opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium in Beijing on February 4.The picture shows the “Building a Snowflake” part of the opening ceremony.Su Yongjun, a volunteer of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and a Taiwan student of Tsinghua University, returned to his school from the “Bird’s Nest” by car at 3 am on The 5th.Su yongjun was shocked and moved when he was interviewed by China News Service, although he started his work at 8:30 a.m. on May 4 and finished his volunteer service for nearly 16 hours at 0 a.m. on May 5.”The audience was already in a state of high enthusiasm even before the performance began,” su Yongjun, who guided the audience from the stands, felt the excitement of the audience.The audience cheered enthusiastically when the Chinese Taipei delegation entered the stadium.This let Su Yongjun very moved, “we welcome Taiwan compatriots from the heart, invited Taiwan compatriots to participate, this is a real welcome.”The picture shows Su Yongjun, a volunteer for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and a Taiwan student of Tsinghua University.He was also touched by the dedication of the cast and volunteers to the Games so that the world could see the spirit of China’s Winter Olympics and tell China’s story well.According to Su yongjun, it is not easy to host the Winter Olympics under the COVID-19 pandemic, and Beijing used high-tech elements to present a simple but wonderful opening ceremony to the world.”Amazing” is the word that comes to mind when Su Yongjun recalls his experience of watching the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.”When I watched the grand opening ceremony on TV, I was deeply shocked. I felt that the mainland was taking off. I hope I can come here one day.”Fourteen years later, standing in the “Bird’s Nest” as a service member of the Olympic Winter Games, Su Yongjun not only felt the unique charm of Beijing, but also realized that he was a member of the country and was making his own contribution to advance together with the country.Even if the power is small, the sense of participation is enough to make him happy.Like Su, more than 30 Taiwanese students studying at universities in Beijing are volunteering for the Games.Wang Xiaoxuan, a volunteer at the Beijing Winter Olympics media Center and a Taiwan student at communication University of China, is one of them.On Sunday evening, she told reporters that the main media center was as busy as “celebrating the second Spring Festival.”She works at the center’s arrival and departure desk, providing arrival and departure information and other services to media and broadcasters.During the opening ceremony, Wang xiaoxuan was on duty and as she stood by her post, she heard many staff members counting down, cheering and clapping.She decided to “catch up” as soon as she got home from work.The sub-zero temperature at the Bird’s Nest didn’t hurt the enthusiasm of the audience.Sitting in the audience, Peking University sports teaching and Research Department teacher, Taiwan Chen Wencheng watched the opening ceremony close, “wonderful, extraordinary, excellent!””The opening ceremony was full of science and technology and the temperament of the Chinese nation, which can only be felt at the scene,” he said.The picture shows Chen Wencheng, a teacher of P.E. Department of Peking University.Due to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the audience sat apart.The organizing committee of the Winter Olympics has prepared a gift pack for spectators on their seats, including masks, gloves, hats, thermal stickers, blankets and programmes with Winter Olympic elements.”These will be very important collectibles for my life,” Mr. Chen said.Across the strait in Taipei, Hsu Chen-pin, director of Taiwan’s China Youth Development Federation, and his wife, Feng Ningmo, watched the event via video feed from their home as excited as the audience.In Xu chenpin’s view, the opening ceremony is full of ingenuity, the Olympic motto “more united” to show incisively and vividly, the programming of The Chinese culture into the details, showing The image of China connecting with the world, standing together with everyone, which means That China is more toward the world.Compared with Xu Chenpin, Feng Ningmo’s excitement is more intense.As a native of Hebei province, she said she was honored to see Zhangjiakou city in Hebei province co-host the Winter Olympics with Beijing.She has personally experienced tremendous changes in Zhangjiakou in recent years. Driven by the snow and ice tourism industry, Chongli, once a state-level poverty-stricken county, was lifted out of poverty in 2019.She is proud of Zhangjiakou, hebei and Beijing.(after)