Spring ploughing preparation in Jiangxi was carried out in an orderly way to advance idle winter fields and reduce the risk of fertilizer shortage

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Recently, the reporter learned from the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural areas, Jiangxi province spring ploughing preparation work is nervous orderly development, the province’s early rice intention sowing area of 18.3 million mu, an increase of 18,000 mu.As of February 14, the availability rate of seeds at the county level was 85%, the price of early rice dropped by about 30%, and the availability rate of pesticides at the county level was 60%.At the same time, the province has prepared 613,200 sets of agricultural machinery and tools, guided farmers to carry out maintenance of machinery and tools 73,000 (times).According to the meteorological department forecast, this year’s spring sowing season in Jiangxi slightly higher temperature, slightly less precipitation, a mild spring cold, spring sowing year is a normal slightly preference year.Jiangxi will focus on five areas according to the situation.Plan spring ploughing production in advance.On December 21, 2021, the provincial government issued a “Letter on stabilizing grain production and doing a good job in the current work” to major leaders of municipal agricultural and rural departments and party committees and governments of major grain-producing counties (cities and districts) to plan grain production in 2022 in advance and consolidate local political responsibility for food security.We will comprehensively promote the cultivation of idle winter farmland.Jiangxi province takes winter ploughing as the “advance battle” for grain production in the coming year, and issues proposals and calls for farmers to plow idle winter fields, improve the soil structure of cultivated land, reduce diseases and insect pests, and improve the output level of cultivated land.According to statistics, by the end of January, Jiangxi had ploughed about 11 million mu of idle winter farmland.Breakthrough rice production bottleneck.Jiangxi province studied and formulated support policies for centralized rice seedling raising, solved the problem of double cropping rice and oil rice planting stubble, and improved farmers’ enthusiasm for planting double cropping rice and rice-rice-oil.At present, the province has built 163 mechanized rice seedling raising centers, a single season seedling raising capacity of 1 million mu;It has built 38 whole-process mechanized comprehensive agricultural service centers, which can serve and drive more than 3,500 small farmers to carry out whole-process mechanized rice production with an area of nearly 1 million mu.We will promptly release subsidies to benefit farmers.By the end of 2021, the provincial-level government will allocate 4.29 billion yuan of farmland fertility subsidies, 420 million yuan of farmland rotation subsidies and 410 million yuan of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies in advance for 2022 to provide financial support for spring tillage production.Local governments also issued corresponding policies, poyang County, Yugan County, Wanian County, Yiyang County, Yushan county 5 key early rice production counties, raised funds 55 million yuan to support early rice production.We will stabilize agricultural supplies in the market.Compared with seeds and pesticides, the current availability rate of fertilizer at the county level in Jiangxi province is 45%, which is mainly affected by the rising price of agricultural materials in 2021. The stock availability rate is 2-3 percentage points lower than in previous years.In order to avoid the adverse effect of fertilizer shortage and high price on spring tillage production, jiangxi Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Areas strengthened the linkage of departments and went all out to increase provincial agricultural materials reserve to meet the demand of spring tillage production.Through coordination with provincial development and Reform Commission, provincial finance Department, provincial supply and marketing Cooperatives and other departments, the provincial commercial reserve of chemical fertilizer will be increased by 40,000 tons this year.(Reporter Mo Zhichao) Source: Farmers Daily · China Agricultural Net Editor: Peng Peng