Serie A warming up!New Levan face premier League, 1 point is more important than gold rush, look at Lukku Pogba

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During the winter window, vlahovic and Gorsens both received offers from Premiership clubs, however, both stayed in Serie A, moving to Juventus and inter respectively, suggesting players are finally thinking about their career prospects rather than the money.Arsenal said they had been “taken advantage of” after hearing the news of Miriam Vlahovic’s transfer to Juve for a fee of 75 million euros.In fact, the Premier League teams used by Vlahovic also include Tottenham And Newcastle.However, this was not the only time the gunners failed to sign PSV eindhoven striker Gakpo, who opted to extend his contract.Vlahovic is not the only Serie A player to have turned down a premier League club, with relegation-threatened Newcastle also making a bid for Gorsens, but he eventually accepted inter’s offer.It should be noted that inter’s offer is significantly lower than Newcastle’s.So, vlahovic, Gossens why did not choose to offer a higher pay premier League team?First of all, neither Arsenal, Tottenham nor Newcastle are guaranteed champions League tickets.They have also been less competitive in Europe than the two Serie A giants over the past decade.More importantly, today’s players are thinking more about their careers.The Premier League has always been one of the richest leagues in the world and has attracted many players with lucrative offers, but that doesn’t mean a player’s career is guaranteed.Take Pogba, who has been regarded as one of the top midfielders during his time with Juve.However, pogba never really showed his potential on his return to Old Trafford and may yet again end on sour terms with United.Pogba will once again be a free agent in summer.This time he needs to save his faltering career by choosing a club that suits him and fulfills his ambitions.Lukaku is also a case in point. After returning to Stamford Bridge for 115 million euros, the Belgian struggled and at one point even publicly expressed his desire to return to Inter, causing a rift with coach Tuchel.In addition to Pogba and Lukaku, a number of Serie A players, including Felipe Anderson, Ricardo Cuadrado, fernando Torrella and andriy shevchenko, have all returned to Serie A after moving to the Premier League.Both vlahovic and Gorsens are well aware that juve and Inter have clear plans, with the former having been juve fans since childhood.By staying in Serie A, they don’t have to waste time adapting to a new country, language, culture and tactical system, which helps their careers reach a whole new level.They chose to stay in Serie A rather than go to the Premier League, which means serie A is finally back on its feet.