Involve car driving management, provident fund and so on these businesses to resume handling

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As the city has been downgraded to a low-risk area and resumed normal production and life order in an orderly manner, a number of units have resumed their external office operations involving vehicle and driving management business and provident fund business.In accordance with the requirements of the relevant circular issued by the Office of the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, the DMV decided to resume the business of vehicle driving control in accordance with the needs of the masses and the changes of the current epidemic situation, and with the consent of the higher authorities.The southern District Branch, Western District Branch, Suburban County Branch, Fengdong New City DMV, Yanliang DMV, Lintong DMV, Gaoling DMV, Unremarkable DMV, Zhouzhi DMV and Latian DMV will resume business handling for the unremarkable from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays from 25 January 2022.For the DMV that has implemented reservation, please make an appointment through the wechat public account of “Xi ‘an Traffic Police” in advance and select the corresponding module according to the matters to be dealt with.For the vehicle administration offices of Fengdong New City and the vehicle administration offices of the outer suburbs, the number of visitors should be reasonably limited according to their actual conditions.All the motor vehicle registration service stations, motor vehicle testing institutions and drivers’ physical examination hospitals in The city resumed their service and operation in an orderly manner in accordance with the epidemic prevention and control policies of their respective jurisdictions.The resumption time of other business handling units will be notified separately.Ii. From January 25, 2022, the motor vehicle driver test business of subject 1 and subject 3, Safe and civilized driving common sense, will be fully resumed at each test site.Students are invited to make an appointment through the mobile APP “Traffic Management 12123”.Iii. In order to maintain the safety and health of the masses and test students, please wear a mask, take the initiative to measure the temperature and scan the code (health code and travel code) throughout the process of handling the driving management business according to the actual situation of the business site.Iv. Citizens are encouraged to choose the Internet traffic safety integrated service management platform (https://sn., “Traffic Management 12123” mobile APP and other online channels to handle relevant business.V. The notice of the Traffic Police Corps of shaanxi Provincial Public Security Department on the postponement of some vehicle driving management business affected by the epidemic will continue to be implemented.Notice of Vehicle Management Office of Traffic Police Detachment of Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau on January 24, 2022 on the resumption of traffic illegal handling and “two education” related business friends: since January 24, the whole city has been reduced to a low-risk area.To ensure an orderly restoring production and living, convenient to the masses to handle traffic law process, pass and “two education” and other business, relevant business window is dealt with notice is as follows: one, since January 25, 2022, the whole city each brigade (including suburban county, station, west salty/tour) traffic police hall etc business recovery with illegal processing, pass.Office hours are 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.If the window is set in the government affairs center of the development zone of each district or county, the recovery time shall be implemented according to the requirements of the government affairs center.2. In order to effectively reduce the number of people queuing up for gathering, the traffic violation processing window of each brigade is implemented with full appointment.Please make an appointment in advance through the Wechat official account of xi ‘an Traffic Police.For places that have not yet implemented reservation management, according to their actual situation, the number of people entering the venue should be reasonably limited, and good guidance should be given to reduce the number of staff queuing up for gathering.Iii. Except for police officers, people working in the hall and community service station should control the number of people working in the hall according to the local epidemic prevention and control requirements and avoid gathering of people.Iv. Starting from January 25, 2022, the on-site education business of “Two Education” in the city will resume. Drivers can log in to the “Traffic Management 12123” APP to make an appointment at the nearest education point to handle the business.5. In order to maintain the safety and health of personnel, business people should wear masks, take the initiative to measure the temperature, scan the code (health code, travel code), and do a good job of disinfection.Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment January 24, 2022 From today to orderly resume offline provident fund business units and employees:In order to earnestly implement the deployment requirements of epidemic prevention and control work of the Central, provincial and municipal governments, and coordinate regular epidemic prevention and control and housing provident fund management services, the relevant matters concerning orderly resumption of offline business of housing provident fund during epidemic prevention and control are hereby notified as follows:One, a telephone appointment to handle business since January 25, business hall, each sub-center and district (county) management department, the entrusted bank branch recovery offline business to deal with the window (yanta district, chang ‘an district, high-tech zone, west district east new town is being outlets in accordance with the jurisdiction) epidemic prevention and control policy implementation, implementation of offline business to handle all reservation mechanism,Each depositing unit and the depositing staff can choose the nearest service outlets and make an appointment by telephone at least 1 day in advance (service outlets and appointment consultation telephone numbers are attached).Booking and handling time: 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 on working days.Strictly control the flow of staff In principle, the number of people handling offline business at the same time in the service hall of the center shall not exceed 15.The number of offline business operators in each branch center, management department and entrusted bank outlets shall not exceed 5 at the same time.Before handling provident fund business, please handle the masses as far as possible through telephone consultation or website (, prepare the required information in advance, consciously handle the business according to the guidance of the staff, and leave the necessary contact information, to minimize the stay time.The staff will inform the result through SMS, wechat or mail.Business entrusted by individuals will be suspended during epidemic prevention and control.Iv. Strictly abide by prevention and control requirements Workers who have made an appointment must hold their id cards and go to the designated offline places to handle business at the appointed time.When entering the hall, you must wear a mask, take good personal protection, keep a distance of more than 1 meter, take temperature measurement, check health code, big data travel card and complete relevant information registration.Five, advocated through the online platform for business unit of each deposit and worker as far as possible through xi ‘an housing accumulation fund management center’s official website, “3” cloud network hall, WeChat public number, official weibo, pay treasure, mobile phone APP accumulation fund, kiosks, WeChat national housing accumulation fund small procedures, xian in shaanxi province and xi ‘an government affairs service, I APP, SMS platform, 12329 (12345) service hotline and other 12 online channels to inquire and handle provident fund business.We must work together to prevent and control the epidemic.Thank you for your understanding and support of housing provident fund service!Down ↓↓ down 7 first-level passenger stations in Xi ‘an city service consultation telephone: North Xi ‘an Passenger Station: 86523019 (day) 86513609 (night) Xi ‘an West Passenger Station:Xi ‘an Textile City Passenger Station: 83460000, 89512022 Xi ‘an Sanfuwan Passenger Station: 81015585, 81018990 Xi ‘an South Passenger Station: 88667788 Xi ‘an Water Si Passenger Station: 84261907 Bus Station in Shaanxi Province:As part of the prevention and control of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak during the resumption of work, the Customer Experience Centers in Guanghua Road, Chang ‘an District and Weierzhai district of Chang ‘an Tong have resumed business today.At present, all customer service outlets and service Windows of Chang ‘an Tong have resumed business. The detailed information is as follows: Chang ‘an Tong Chaoyangmen, Yuxiangmen, Textile City, Liyuan Road, Guanghua Road, Chang ‘an District, Weiaizhai Customer Experience Center Business hours: working days: 9:00-17:00 holidays:Antong Service Window of Chief of Xi ‘an Government Affairs Service Center Antong Service Window of Chief of New Urban Government Affairs Service Department Business Hours: Working days: 9:00-12:00 a.m.During holidays and holidays, when going to the customer service outlets of Changantong, citizens must wear masks, show their second-generation ID cards or other valid certificates for real-name registration, show their health code and travel code, and take temperature measurement.Please comply with local epidemic prevention requirements at the window of the Government Affairs Hall.All staff wear masks to work, and regularly disinfect window countertops, hall floors and other public facilities.Changantong self-service machine and Bluetooth box are in normal operation. Users with recharge needs can also use mobile phones with NFC function to complete the self-service through xi ‘an citizen card App.The Government affairs service center of Yanta District resumed its external business on January 26, according to the Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval of Yanta District on January 25.In order to avoid the gathering of personnel, the Administrative examination and approval Service Bureau of Yanta District suggested that the working masses should choose online business first.Through shaanxi government affairs service network wild goose pagoda standing (, “xian” I electronic tax official APP and shaanxi province government services (HTTPS:/ / etax. Shaanxi. Chinatax. Gov. Cn) channels such as online declaration is dealt with.According to the principle of “wrong time and wrong peak”, make an appointment in advance through the wechat public account of “Yanta Government Affairs”, follow the guidance of the staff, scan the code and measure the temperature and enter the hall.City, district key projects, large-scale enterprises to resume work and production and other approval services, can call (029-81160029) appeal, government service center opened a green channel, “urgent” “special”, and provide door-to-door help, agent.Office hours of Yanta District Government Service Center are 9:00-12:00;13:00-17:00 (except statutory holidays).During business handling, please strictly keep a “one meter line” safe distance, wear a mask and sit apart during the whole process.In case of too many business personnel on site, traffic restriction measures will be taken in the hall.Warm tips, in order to improve the efficiency of the work, the masses can consult by phone during the working hours, prepare the necessary information in advance, according to the agreed time for the relevant business.