Group of pictures | Hengshan: beautiful Chinese astragalus field scenery

2022-05-11 0 By

Hengshan County Futian Pu township Baiyun Village field, a piece of Chinese milk vetch together into a romantic sea of flowers.Patches of milkvetch grew luxuriantly and blossomed in full bloom.On the way home from school, students walk in a hurry in the flowers, towards the direction of home.The milk cloud is in full bloom in the sun.Hongnet moment Hengyang April 7 news (correspondent Wenfeng Liao Jing Dai Wei reporter Song Meijun) there is a kind of poetic spring called astringus, spring breeze to send warm, flowers competition, walking in the countryside of the field, a piece of astringus luxuriant growth, bloom is yan.At the beginning of April, in Hengshan County Ginkgo town Tangxing village and Futian Pu township Baiyun village field, a piece of Chinese astragalus gathered into a romantic sea of flowers, as if all over the sky zixia on earth, the field embellished particularly gorgeous.A breeze blowing, a film of Chinese milk cloud swaying, just like a fairy in the dance, beautiful, and nearby residential buildings, the distance of the undulating green mountains constitute a fresh and beautiful pastoral picture.