Gathers!The “god of wealth” hands out red envelopes of blessing to visitors

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Today is February 5, the fifth day of the first lunar month. According to Chinese folklore, this day is the birthday of the god of wealth. According to custom, people open their doors on this day to welcome the arrival of the God of wealth.Chongqing Fuling Meixin wine town scenic area, today also ushered in the “god of wealth”, through the form of red envelopes, the Spring Festival blessing to people.In the early morning, the “gods of wealth” dressed in festive costumes and carrying a pocket full of red envelopes began to distribute red envelopes around the scenic area to congratulate everyone on the prosperity and success of the Year of the Tiger.The “god of wealth” passed through the central square of the scenic spot, came to the Spring Festival shopping market, old people’s Street, steamed bread square, wetland park, b&B area, ropeway ticket office and trans-boundary pig free amusement park, gave red envelopes to the elderly, children, playing couples, purchasing the Spring Festival shopping family, so that the whole scenic spot looked beaming and loved by tourists.Tourists also scramble to take photos with the god of wealth, grab the “bonus” of the God of wealth, dip a fortune, wish the Year of the Tiger good luck, good fortune.This lively scene also let many tourists with great interest to join the parade, become a scenic spot with a jubilant lively scenery.”The ‘God of wealth’ in the scenic area gives red envelopes every year. We feel very lucky and beaming,” said an excited Ms. Gao from Fuling city.Everyone is happy. This is the atmosphere for the New Year.”Site staff introduced, “welcome the god of wealth” has been adhering to the custom of the scenic spot since its establishment, every year to give tourists red envelopes.Today, they gave out hundreds of red envelopes at the 9.99 yuan cableway ticket office, Spring Festival shopping market, poverty alleviation workshop, seafood Street, 1 yuan steamed bread workshop, cross-border pig free amusement park, 3 yuan paradise and other places with many queues.There is also a special message in each red envelope, giving priority to children and the elderly, so that visitors can enjoy the fifth day of the Chinese New Year in the scenic spot.Upstream news reporter Tang Xiaozhan