Car maintenance is easy to ignore these 4 parts

2022-05-11 0 By

Even if the regular maintenance of the vehicle, there are always some blind spots ignored by the owner, once the vehicle failure, the owner is often at a loss, today to talk about the maintenance details that are easy to be ignored.1, as one of the important parts of the car, sealing rubber strip is widely used in doors, Windows, seats, trunks and other parts, with waterproof, dustproof, sealing, sound insulation.Because the sealing rubber strip is a rubber product, in order to avoid its aging, hardening, cracking, losing the sealing effect, it must be checked and cleaned regularly.2, seat belt this is very easy to be ignored in the maintenance of the car safety device.When it comes to the maintenance of seat belt, in fact, it is to check its safety performance, whether the protection function is lost because of excessive stretching, whether the bolt is tightened, once found abnormal to timely maintenance or replacement.Usually also should pay attention to the safety belt cleaning work, the use of hard pull oh!3, dashboard car dashboard is to reflect the working state of the vehicle system device, but also pay attention to maintenance and maintenance.Once there is a problem with the dashboard, it cannot show the vehicle failure in time, which will delay the maintenance time.The main car often wipe the dashboard with a towel to ensure its surface clean, clear display.4. Exhaust pipe The exhaust pipe of the automobile mainly plays a role of vibration reduction and noise reduction, and extends the life of the exhaust muffler system.The main car often check the exhaust pipe, to prevent dust impurities into the car;After wading road also to prevent the muffler internal water;Repair the exhaust pipe injury in time, tighten the exhaust pipe screw, so as not to affect the vehicle running.