As the saying goes: poor people do not touch three business, no money do not do three business!If ONLY I knew better!

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Quote for each of us Chinese people, very important festival, the Spring Festival coming, many people are with joy, because can finally reunited with his family, and then at this point, but some for some special reason, and don’t want to go home or dared not go home, at the same time also face very big pressure.In fact, a lot of people want to rely on their own hands, to achieve from zero to get rich change, but because of the lack of experience, so lead to a lot of people at the beginning of the business repeatedly hit a wall, some people are more because of a bad start, and lead to their own in such a reunion can not go home, even dare not go home.As the saying goes: poor people do not touch three business, no money do not do three business!If ONLY I knew better!This is mainly because I did not listen to the advice that “people do not touch three businesses when they are poor, and do not do three businesses when they have no money”, so THAT I took many detours.In fact, entrepreneurship for many people, is a way to get rid of poverty, to achieve wealth freedom, and like Jingdong Liu Qiangdong, Wahaha Zong Qinghou and other successful cases of self-made people, there will naturally make many young people full of unlimited yearning for entrepreneurship.And from the overall situation of China’s development, in recent years, with the popularity of the Internet, many industries continue to rise, so that these entrepreneurs find more opportunities.But in the emergence of opportunities at the same time, but also accompanied by a lot of risks, that how to make their own entrepreneurial road to go more smoothly?As the saying goes, “a poor person does not touch three businesses, no money does not do three businesses”. After understanding these, perhaps you can make your entrepreneurial road go more smoothly.In business, the first thing to do is not to touch the big investment and high risk business, said although the risks and opportunities coexist, but if for a itself doesn’t have much experience and initial, desperate will all his savings on a choice, then it is likely to result in lose everything.And more suitable for entrepreneurs to choose is some relative to the conservative entrepreneurial choice, a little bit of accumulation of their own wealth, more reliable.The next type of business that should not be approached is illegal business.I mean, I might get away with it.But there is a saying well “isn’t a report not, time is not to”, if not on our own one step a footprint of success, so will only make yourself by some opportunistic way to walk the shortcut, gain a certain level of wealth in a short time, but after that will be because of that, and to take more responsibility, serious still can get legal sanctions.The third kind of business you can’t do is the business you don’t understand, don’t know, don’t understand.Many people at the beginning of the business, often blindly follow the trend, think that others make a lot of money, will be a rush to invest, only to find that their original idea is completely different.This phenomenon is very common, and there are many people because of this blindly follow the trend of behavior, and lead to their own business failure, resulting in their own no chance to turn over.The first type of business is partnership.Many people because of their initial capital and other aspects are not very sufficient, they will want to find partners to cooperate with business, but many facts tell us: partnership is often accompanied by more things, some people are because of partnership and lead to their own loss.Or it is to lead to the very good feelings between the two sides of the rift, and the original pure emotion because of suspicion, interests and other reasons are affected.American Dreams in China, which is based on real life, is a very typical and intuitive example.The second “don ‘ts” are those that are deceptive.This kind of trading covers a wide range, but most people choose to do this kind of trading, mainly want to obtain short-term benefits, they are mostly through one-time cheating trading, earn more money, and then run away with money directly, or will be relatively cheap goods, sell at a high price and benefit from it.Although this kind of business can bring a lot of money to the entrepreneurs, it is not a long-term business, because over time, these people will have their reputation affected, and thus their own decline.The third type of business you can’t do is out of your reach.Because each person’s ability is limited, within the scope of the ability of the business for operators will be steadfast, if impatient for success, to the commitment and beyond their ability range of things, then it is possible because of the lack of ability to live up to its promise, time is long, will lose their business and partner’s trust, which in turn was excluded by others.Conclusion thus, although there are a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurship, but also can bring earth-shaking changes to our lives, but in the choice of time, we must be careful, or may accidentally let themselves step on thunder and lead to a loss of money, even no face to go home.Today topic: as the saying goes: poor people do not touch three business, no money do not do three business!If I had known I could have avoided detours!