The most popular universities among Japanese high school students!A “brand new” public university is emerging!

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In Japan, the college entrance exam is over, and like us, it’s a time when people talk about universities.There was a survey of Japanese high school students, the top 30 of the most popular national, public and private universities グ.A total of 207,308 high school students took part in the survey, which closes on January 31, 2022.If the ranking of parents and public opinion is mixed with too many concerns, such as future employment, geographical location, tuition and so on.Will the choice of high school students be simpler?First, the national and public universities: no. 1, of course, is Toho University, the number one university for all Japanese.The top three are University of Tsukuba and Osaka University. The fourth is Tohoku University and the fifth is Kyoto University. I have no objection to the top three, but when I see the tenth is Iwate University, I have a question mark on my forehead.Iwate!Its location in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, is even further north than sendai and Niigata, and it feels like Hokkaido is just two more steps away.Although Iwate University belongs to the National university of Japan, there are always different kinds of national universities.Iwate only four department the national university (humanities and social sciences, department of education, science and technology department, the ministry of agriculture), five researchment department (総 science researchment department researchment department (brother), education (teaching) college and institute researchment department (Dr), 獣 medical researchment department (Dr), commissure agronomy researchment department (Dr)),The reason why Iwate University is listed on the list is that its education major is a vocational course specially designed to train teachers to teach in Primary and secondary schools in Japan, and many Japanese high school students dream of becoming teachers in the future, probably because the majority of the respondents are Iwate.Top of the list of public universities is Osaka City University, followed by Tokyo Metropolitan University and Osaka Prefecture University.Many students may wonder why Osaka city is ahead of Futori after seeing the first place.In fact, Japanese students or those who have done some knowledge of Japanese universities should know that the liberal arts popularity of Osaka Prefecture University is generally lower than that of Osaka City, which is second only to Kyohanshin in Kansai.However, starting in April 2022, Osaka City University and Osaka Prefecture University will merge to form the new Osaka Public University.By that time, Osaka Public University will have more than 16,000 students, equivalent to a combination of liberal arts and sciences, making it the largest public comprehensive university in Japan!Power is not to be underestimated.In the final ranking of private universities, Aoyama Gakuin University remains the no. 1.As to why Aoyama Gakuin University is so high in the eyes of The Japanese, we have also analyzed the previous period, interested students can move to see ~ Japanese parents want their children to go to which university?Private universities, unlike public ones, tend to be wealthy and are willing to spend money on design, construction and publicity.There is no denying that the buildings of many private universities are much more beautiful than those of public ones.Aoyama Institute itself teaching quality is very high, employment rate is also considerable, coupled with a good geographical location, decoration design is also fashionable, so this university in the eyes of the Japanese has been very popular university.Kinki University and Kansai University also ranked in the top three, while Keio, Meiji and Early University ranked fourth or sixth.I have no problem with kinki University being on the list. Why?Subject of kinki university has not been broken through, from “the world’s first successful developed fully farmed tuna method” has been in the past 20 years, and then the “kinki university aquaculture in ginza and umeda opened restaurant”, “super luxuriant entrance type”, has been to before a nearly daisho and Mafia movie posters.If I were a senior high school student, it seems to be my ideal campus life.In addition, a few years ago, when referring to private universities in Kansai, people always thought of “ganguan tongyi” first, followed by “Sanjin Ankylosaurus,” but in recent years, with the speed of the recent explosion of catch-up, there seems to be a trend of “ganguan Tongyi”.These are the top 30 public and private universities surveyed from more than 200,000 high school students. Of course, this does not represent the true strength of each university.There are a lot of immature ideas of high school students, so we should not pay too much attention to this ranking, such as why this university is not included in the list?Why is that university ranked so high?Wait, just as a reference.Japanese computer systems. Japanese computer systems. Japanese computer systems.In private Top30https frenzy: / / news. Yahoo. Co. jp/articles / 78281 b5137076a3c65a615b27531a1b37bb848aa website source JS コ ー ポ レ ー シ ョ ン が