Qinghai tries its best to protect “kidney of the Earth” in sanjiangyuan

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February 2nd is World Wetlands Day.For years, Qinghai, at the source of the Three Rivers, has gone all out to protect its wetlands, known as the “kidney of the earth”.Afternoon, the sun spread on the earth, the Yellow River wetland water sparkling.A group of whooper swans are feeding on the surface of the Yellow River in Andaqiha Village, Qunke Town, Hualong Hui Autonomous County, Haidong City, Qinghai Province.They sometimes flapping their wings to try, sometimes diving into the water to find food…They play neck to neck and have made this wetland their “home”.Qunke means “the roundabout place of the Yellow River” in Tibetan. When the Yellow River passes here, the water flow becomes gentle and the water grasses are abundant, creating a unique ecosystem.”You see, there is a family of five, playing, especially harmonious.”Yang chunlin said as he quickly turned his camera to whooper swans.Yang Chunlin, deputy secretary of the Party branch of Siyuan Experimental School in Hualong County and a photography enthusiast, took his camera to the lake early in the morning.”It is the wetlands along the Yellow River that provide a rare living environment for whooper swans. The rich plant resources in the wetlands are the swans’ favorite food.”Yang chunlin said.Li Yufeng, leader of swan Lake photography environmental protection volunteer service team of Hualong County New Era Civilization Practice Center, said that whooper swans come to the Yellow River wetland every October for the winter, and the number has increased from more than 30 to more than 100. The beautiful “Swan Lake” has become a place for photography lovers to linger and forget to return.Qinghai is a wetland province, the province’s wetland area of 76.52 million mu, including water area of 32.72 million mu, the total area of 109 million mu.Wang Enguang, deputy director of qinghai Forestry and Grassland Bureau, said that qinghai has established three internationally important wetlands, 32 provincial-level important wetlands and 19 national wetland parks, with the protection rate of wetlands reaching 64.32 percent. A wetland protection system with national parks as the main body and various wetland parks as the supplement has taken initial form.Qinghai province bureau of trees and wetland management office director Ma Jianhai said, since much starker choices-and graver consequences-in “, “qinghai accumulated in various capital of 1.049 billion yuan, implemented a series of wetland conservation projects, to repair a batch of degraded wetland, improved the ecological status of some important wetlands, effectively improved the plateau alpine wetlands and river source water conservation capacity.Floating reeds, water birds, rippling green waves, “breathing” wetlands, continuous injection of fresh air for the city, water conservation, climate regulation, maintenance of biodiversity…In recent years, the health status of the ecosystem in Qinghai Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park has been continuously improved. The wetland area of the park has increased from 241.41 hectares to 329 hectares, and the wetland rate has increased from 47.5% to 64.67%.In 2020, the value of ecosystem services provided by Huangshui Wetland Park for Xining reached 618 million yuan.The biodiversity of urban wetland is increasingly rich, and the birds in Huangshui Wetland Park have increased from 45 species at the beginning of construction to 152 species now.In summer, cattail and reed grow vigorously. On the green road, citizens stroll and ride bicycles, which is a happy scene.”Now, the pattern of ‘one garden radiates one city’ has taken shape.The park has become a wetland ecological demonstration base integrating wetland conservation, science popularization, rational utilization and management services.””Said Song Xiuhua, director of the Huangshui National Wetland Park Center in Xining.China is further protecting wetlands through legislation.The Wetland Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China will come into force on June 1, 2022.”The enactment of the wetland protection Law is a fundamental guarantee for establishing a wetland protection and restoration system, and a powerful measure to build beautiful wetlands,” said MAO Xufeng, vice president of the School of Geographic Sciences at Qinghai Normal University.With the legislation, China’s wetland conservation will enter a stage of high-quality development, leading the world in ecological restoration and management.”Xining, Feb. 2 (Xinhua News Agency) qinghai Daily (February 3, 2022, the first edition: front page) statement: the above content, except for the source of the original manuscript, is strictly prohibited to reprint without written permission!