Open space in the home do not waste, plant a few “emerging” fruit trees, drought resistance and easy to manage

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With the development of science and technology, now in the fruit market a variety of newly cultivated high-grade fruit emerge in endlessly, people’s demand for fruit has also been greatly satisfied.In particular, many new varieties of peach fruit have been bred, among which there is one variety which stands out among all the peach varieties for its large yield and rich nutrition, and has been praised by the public as soon as it is bred.And its taste is amazing, amazing, see here friends, if you have a piece of leisure at home, do not waste, choose to plant this fruit.Today we are going to introduce the protagonist is spades.Spades belong to the peach family. The biggest difference between spades and other peaches is that their skin is purple and black.And its yield is far beyond the yield of other peaches, in its mature period, a spades tree can produce 80 to 100 pounds of spades.As we all know, vitamin C is of great benefit to human body and plays an irreplaceable and incomparable role in other nutrients.Modern people often buy a lot of health care products or skin care products on shopping websites to supplement vitamin C in the body. Although this is a good way, it is still a little worse than natural intake of vitamin C.Today, spades contains a lot of vitamin C, which is several times higher than orange, the most vitamin C fruit we know.Eat spades to still have the effect that strong stomach eliminates food more, if have digestive system not quite good friends to have blessing right now, often edible spades is tasted more than eat much health care to have the effect more, natural fruit does not have the side effect that medicine is in that way.Even more noteworthy is the taste of spades.The spades flesh is sweet and juicy. When you bite into it, the sour and sweet taste will explode on the tongue. The juice of the spades flesh is very rich, and it will not be as dry as some fruits.In addition, if we leave freshly picked spades at home for a while, the taste of spades will be much sweeter than that of freshly picked spades. It will melt in your mouth and you can’t stop.When we bite open the skin of a spade, we will find the red flesh of the spade, which has another name for the blood peach.The flesh of spades has a bloody red color due to its high iron content.It is especially suitable for the elderly with anemia or the young with hypertension.Spades can lower blood pressure, take it to aid treatment, both easy, and do not need to take drugs, why not?There are many fruits on the market that patients can not eat, but our spades are different, spades contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients but suitable for patients with diseases to eat more.Spades is also a good news for those with poor digestive system, because spades can nourish the stomach and relieve constipation.Often eat spades friends are not constipation distension distress.Spades, with its unique nutritional and medicinal properties, is unmatched in market value by any other fruit.If we choose to plant spades, there is no need to worry about whether spades will be unsalable after planting.The ratio of spades’ income to output is very considerable, and the cultivation of spades will bring continuous income to people. In supermarkets in many areas, 1 kilogram of spades will be sold for more than 50 yuan.This also proves that the market demand for spades is very considerable.Some friends may worry about the difficulty of spades planting because spades is a high-grade fruit, but the reality is on the contrary, spades is very tenacious, very suitable for inexperienced beginners to plant.Because the wild spades were first found in the remote suburbs, even in the more severe environment in the suburbs can also wild growth, and spades care is simple, can let you save time and worry maintenance rest assured, no worries.The spades seedlings planted in the first year can be harvested in just one year, and the spades yield is large, bringing a very good profit.This has also become the heart of many farmers, spades per mu yield can often reach two to three thousand kilograms.If the empty space area in the home does not have so big friends, also do not need to worry.Even if only one spades tree is planted, the spades from that tree can feed several families.After keeping the weight of our family, we can also sell spades for a handsome profit.It is worth mentioning that spades are not perishable and are very easy to store, so we have no problem shipping them out and selling them online.Spades fruit is bigger than our common peach fruit on a circle, a mature spades weight up to half a catty or so, very attractive, let a person mouth-watering.Fruit lovers should not hesitate, nutritious and easy to grow spades, you are worth it!Shop has a new batch of quality 2 years old spades queen seedlings, now is the best time to plant!Strong stress resistance, drought resistance, high temperature resistance, infertility resistance!South to Hainan, north to Qiqihar, low to Sichuan Basin, high to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau can be cultivated!Now order a lot of concessions!Buy 2 get 1 free, buy 3 get 2 free, buy 5 get 3 free!Click the link below to buy ~