Coat elder brother personally greets matchmaker and a woman, arrange blind date to Zhu Xiaowei, a few people laugh heartily

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On February 5th, brother Overcoat was still worrying about Zhu Xiaowei’s marriage. It was not said that a famous matchmaker in Zhu Lou village came to the door, and took a woman with him. Brother Overcoat personally greeted him at the entrance of the village, smiling and looking very happy.Video of the woman, who is tall, shapely, long hair tied up the forehead show temperament, wearing a white coats, tie-in a black skirt, the whole people look clean and agile, is looking at a big, old if and Zhu Xiaowei stood together, also really feel a bit acosmia, don’t like twenty years old girl, more mature.The woman saw the coat brother go out to meet is also hurriedly came forward to shake hands, and coat brother warm greetings, from the manner, is also a polite polite people, at least to the coat brother more respect, this is also to the coat brother face.This woman whole dress up is quite simple, look also very honest, not heavy makeup, also do not have flowers, more “earth gas”, very whole environment is very harmonious, this still calculate quite accord with Zhu Xiaowei’s temperament.Coat as a parent, this is the heart, in the video didn’t see Zhu Xiaowei, apparently coats elder brother to look at the girl will not fit Zhu Xiaowei, hence with a matchmaker and this woman strolling in the courtyard to chat together, also with the girls to visit his back, and took a group photo in front of the rockery.Woman and coat elder brother talk very happy, not timid not constrained, this is more atmosphere, will also take the initiative to bring up the topic, coat elder brother very happy, happy to introduce the things in the yard to the woman, also dancing to tell, two people seem to hit it off.In fact, since Zhu Xiaowei and Chen Yanan after breaking up to see a matchmaker to introduce him to the object, there are girls directly to zhu Xiaowei vindicate, I do not know the charm of Zhu Xiaowei itself or coat brother this celebrity effect caused by, in short, After Zhu Xiaowei broke up, but became a “sweet property”.And coat the elder brother is in for son Zhu Xiaowei feelings about a promising, is really pitiful world parents’ heart, always want to help their children to arrange a good thing, only this time the elder brother of the coat was wiser and understand Zhu Xiaowei first to check, don’t try so hard to let the girl meet Zhu Xiaowei, perhaps to avoid a repeat, after all, chastened, plus Zhu Xiaowei is more simple and honest honest,Not much experience.Some people said that Zhu Xiaowei should find a beautiful, kind, intelligent and illiterate life, thinking that they could not dislike each other in this way.But everyone wants to find a great partner, and who wants to lower their standards?What is more important for Zhu Xiaowei is to give himself time to improve his personal ability, learn some knowledge and improve his educational level. Only in this way can he have a chance to meet an excellent partner, rather than looking for an object that he can control for the so-called marriage.And coat brother is also a little worried!After all, Zhu Xiaowei is not how old, do not have to be so anxious to arrange a blind date for him, it is better to take advantage of the time to learn some life skills, so that later at least can support the family, always can not rely on parents to live!This zhu Lou village is fast catching up with Hengdian, one out and one out, are almost a TV drama.In any case, it’s reasonable for parents to worry about their children’s marriages, but in the end, let them choose.