Zhengzhou this year will build more than 5000 square meters of parks 20, quick look near your home?

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On February 16, the General Office of zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government released the implementation plan of Zhengzhou’s urban landscaping work in 2022.Year be constructed green land area of 6 million square meters, the city’s new 5000 square meters of comprehensive park 20, 5000 square meters park, new small garden more than 50, the transform and upgrade the park garden 30, along with the road main body construction schedule, construction breeze road and so on eight ecological corridors, implementing Zheng Hang north road, 71 road greening.The Plan specifically proposes:6 million square meters of new green space will be built annually, including 700,000 square meters of new green space in Zhengdong New Zone, 650,000 square meters of new green space in Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone, 550,000 square meters of new green space in Zhengzhou Aviation Port Zone, 350,000 square meters of new green space in Zhengzhou High-tech Zone, and 300,000 square meters of new green space in Huiji District.Zhongyuan District, Erqi District, Jinshui District, Guicheng Hui District, the completion of new Greenland 250,000 square meters, Zhongmou County, Xingyang city, Xinzheng City, Xinmi City, Dengfeng City, Gongyi City, the completion of new Greenland 400,000 square meters, the completion of new green area 50,000 square meters.20 parks of more than 5,000 square meters have been built and opened, including 3 parks in Erqi District, 2 parks in Zhengdong New District, 2 parks in Zhengzhou Aviation Port District, 1 parks in Zhongyuan District, Jinshui District, Guancheng Nationality District, Huiji District, Shangjie District, Zhengzhou High-tech Zone and Zhengzhou Economic development Zone;Three in Gongyi city, and one in Dengfeng City, Zhongmou County, Xinmi City, Xinzheng City and Xingyang City.More than 50 micro parks and tourist parks of less than 5,000 square meters have been built and opened, including 8 in Zhengdong New District, 7 in Zhongyuan District, 6 in Zhengzhou Airport District, 3 in Jinshui District, 2 in Erqi District, Guancheng Minority District, Huiji District, Zhengzhou High-tech Zone, Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone and Shangjie District.Xingyang City 6, Xinzheng City 4, Zhongmou County, Gongyi city 3 each, Dengfeng City, Xinmi city 1 each.Along with the progress of road construction, construction will be started on 8 ecological corridors, including Yanfeng Road, Jingzhong Road (Erqi District), Yingcheng Zhaoyuan Greenway, Zhihuile Run Greenway (Guancheng District), West branch of Jinguanggou (Tianyuan Road) (Huiji District), Jizhou Road, Huaxia Avenue (Zhengzhou Airport Zone) and Dufu Road (Gongyi City).Implementation (section) of article 71 of the new road greening, among them: HuiJi area complete providence street etc 12 (section), erqi district completed Zheng Hang north road, such as the glorious road 11 (section), zhengzhou high-tech zone to complete such as wang zhuang 9 (section), zhengzhou air port complete logistics street article 6 (section), zhengdong new district to complete financial island in the loop and article 5 (period);Gongyi city completed songshan road article 13 (section), such as xingyang complete YuXi south road, etc. 6 (section) in yulin completion, xinmi power plant, article 3 (section), xinzheng complete zheng article 2 (above), such as the new expressway dengfeng city completed article 2 (above), such as west travel loop zhongmou county complete bo know road, shangjie center Lucy greening.The greening and upgrading project of 16 roads has been completed.Among them: Guan Cheng Ethnic Minority district completed 4 (section), Erqi district completed 2 (section), Jinshui District completed 3 (section), Zhengzhou High-tech Zone completed 3 (section), Gongyi City completed 2 (section), Dengfeng city completed 2 (section).Source: Dahe Caicubic Editor: Wu Bing