Ningde city for the first time inter-provincial linkage online live guard

2022-05-09 0 By

Dongqiao and Hunan Yiyang Anhua jointly held an online recruitment activity for 2022 “Spring Breeze Action” (right photo) on February 11.This is the first time for our city to carry out cross-provincial joint live broadcast with guard activities.After the Spring Festival, it is the golden period for enterprises to recruit workers and talents to find jobs.To create “safe city” obtain employment, attract more migrant workers to better employment outside the province, prefecture enterprises after rehabilitation return to work, meet the “start”, the east overseas Chinese enterprise employee actively seize special service team to attract talents, focusing on enterprise development needs, to carry out the epidemic prevention and control “requirement, following the February 8 to 9 in henan set up fujian and cooperation,Immediately on 10th, he went to Anhua County of Hunan Province with key enterprises of the jurisdiction to carry out inter-provincial labor cooperation negotiations, signed the agreement of labor cooperation between the two places, and jointly held online live recruitment activities with posts.This live with work activities overseas development zone from east people club bureau, anhua.we will act people club bureau, anhua.we will act federation of trade unions and other departments jointly launch, a total of ningde era of new energy technology co., LTD., ningde new energy technology co., LTD and so on five key enterprises and 62 enterprises of hunan province ningde city participation, provide tens of thousands of jobs.In the live broadcast, the special class of dongqiao enterprise employment service showed ningde’s industrial situation, labor resources, employment policy, employment service measures and so on.Subsequently, the relevant person in charge of the five enterprises in Ningde city introduced the enterprise culture, recruitment positions, recruitment requirements, benefits, training and promotion that the job seekers are concerned about one by one, so that the job seekers have a wide understanding of job information and find satisfactory jobs without leaving home.Throughout the live broadcast, the enthusiasm of online job seekers is high, and the interaction between enterprises and job seekers is constant.According to statistics, the live broadcast with post activity lasted 1 hour and 49 minutes, a total of 100,000 people online, 67 enterprises in both places received 1200 job intentions, the activity received the expected effect.”Today, I saw the ningde government departments and enterprises come to our anhua to recruit workers, which makes our local enterprises feel deeply. Our local enterprises in Hunan should learn from you.”Said Wang Jingjing, hr recruitment director of Hunan Aihua Group Co. LTD.(Mindong Daily By Xie Chenyan)