How to study Chinese medicine by yourself

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Listen to me. How to learn Chinese Medicine by yourself?This problem is not clear in one sentence or another. It is a problem that troubles many TCM enthusiasts. Many people do not know where to start.I don’t know where to start.So that the vast majority of people have taken many detours and even paid the price of their lives, which makes many Chinese medicine students fall into a desperate predicament.The ancients said: every doctor behind the ass is followed by a team of unjustly dead ghosts!Although this sentence sounds a little harsh, but it is a fact, indisputable fact!Which one said, western medicine now developed medical skills, has put an end to this phenomenon!Is that true?No, now more western medicine, more death by injustice!Too many to count!The patient was treated to death. The disease was created by the doctor. Would you say more?Many people do not believe that only you to experience!So how to learn TCM?First, we must establish the thinking consciousness of TCM.If you are brainwashed by modern science, I do not recommend you to study Chinese medicine, even if you become a doctor, you will not be a qualified Chinese medicine, because you do not have a Chinese medicine thinking.What is TCM thinking?The thinking of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine is people-oriented, the unity of nature and man, based on the philosophical ideological system of Yin and Yang and five elements, and is studied with the dialectical materialism of philosophy.If you are a science student, do not have philosophy thought, that you do not want to study traditional Chinese medicine, you learn bad, even after learning also will not see a doctor.Because you are the brain of western medicine body of Traditional Chinese medicine, like those always long mouth is pharmacological research, is molecular and atomic, is antiviral, anti-tumor, for Traditional Chinese medicine is waste!Education does not mean he can cure!Second, how to learn?If you are a fan of TCM and you are determined to learn TCM, I suggest you start with books such as Shou Shi Bao Yuan, Medical Mind Understanding, Huangdi Neijing, Treatise on Februaries and Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing, rather than studying TCM textbooks in universities.When you learned these books, you want to textual research, take an examination of practicing doctors certificate, then you go to study in the university teaching material, because you don’t learn in the university teaching material, you can take an examination of practicing doctors, however, but when you first learned in the university teaching material of traditional Chinese medicine, you are brainwashed, you’re not thinking of traditional Chinese medicine, you are both studied traditional Chinese medicine is useless, not a doctor, an idiot!Third, when you are young and inexperienced, you can’t understand a lot of things when learning, you can put them aside for a while. When you have gained experience and accumulated knowledge, you can go back to learn what you don’t understand, and you will be clear at a glance.Some things you can’t understand with a degree, it takes time and experience of social practice.For example, when I was 15 years old, I saw a pair of sports shoes. I wanted them very much and liked them very much. They were very popular among my classmates.But when you’re 30 and you look back, you’ll think you were stupid and grandma was all that mattered!This is the importance of experience, and the limits of knowledge.When you do not understand at this time, do not understand the time, put aside, do not argue, do not abandon, later slowly understand.Fourth, we must have a pattern and a height.As the saying goes: Stand high and see farther!Chinese medicine is different from western medicine, and the level of research is also different.Chinese medicine is standing at the top of the mountain and looking at the world, while Western medicine is standing at the foot of the mountain and looking up at the mountain.After thousands of years of training, the knowledge structure of TCM has been formed, all it needs is to fill it, to stand on the top of the mountain, to see that it is not suitable, to fix it.While western medicine is to drill into the tip of the ox, unable to extricate themselves, infinite split, dismantling the human body, dismantling the system;Take apart the systems, take apart the organs;Taking apart organs, taking apart tissues;Take away the tissue, take away the cells;Take away the cells, take away the molecules, take away the atoms, go on and on, where do you think its hope is?So, pattern and height are important.Only when you have the pattern and height, can you become a strategist, can you see far, look to the future, never fall!Can be called a qualified Chinese medicine!Fifth, to learn TCM well, we must learn to use all available resources and mobilize all the forces that can be mobilized to serve and treat patients.This drives you to learn how to use resources to make medicine, to make a medicine that can treat patients’ diseases, which is the most advanced medicine that no other medicine in the world can surpass, which is the biggest characteristic of TCM.A traditional Chinese medicine as long as carefully dialectical, carefully selected medicine, after high temperature decocting, will form a new treatment of any high-tech beyond the decoction.This is the advanced nature of Traditional Chinese medicine.But doctors of western medicine can’t do that. If you think about it carefully, doctors of western medicine are puppets of pharmaceutical factories and spokesmen of interest groups. In fact, they know nothing and don’t know anything.See the disease can only say: at present have no specific medicine, I can do nothing!Must learn to prepare Traditional Chinese medicine!The pulse of traditional Chinese medicine