Gulinaza’s fans were invited to serve her naan bread at the movie premiere

2022-05-09 0 By

, this time by GuLiNa, liu hao starring film “don’t forget that I love you” hold premiere, starring the zanah appeared black short skirt, with a pair of beautiful big legs, clothing collar is studded with romantic white butterfly, covered with long hair looks give everyone a very cordial feeling, between a buzz caused netizens to the moment.Zanah to grow not only beautiful, and beautiful and moving, shape also is very good, with reporters at the scene, talk about their views on love, she will never believe that, because she felt the love is not eternal, but still want to have to believe in love, then she sent for the audience and joyful, the atmosphere was very lively, fan is also very excited, cheers.On the same day, the host invited one of Gulizana’s male fans to the stage, and the fans sent a special gift of naan bread, hoping that Zana could taste the taste of her hometown. After receiving this special gift, Zana instantly became red eyes and almost choked up!This piece of naan bread reminds her of home.