Gong Jun Jia Ling flight “Hello Saturday”, two popular artists, can take the ratings?

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Hunan SATELLITE TV launched “Hello Saturday” on January 1 this year, which is a new quality variety show.”Happy Camp,” which ended abruptly after 24 years on the air, is an obvious choice.Up to now, it has been on the air for more than two months, and the ratings are not optimistic.”Happy Camp” ratings had been slipping for years, at least barely above 0.8%.”Hello Saturday” even broke 0.5 percent, becoming hunan TV’s Saturday prime time hole.As for the reason, he teacher should have a deep experience.He alone, to one breath with more than ten internship host and internship resident guests.There’s no chemistry between them, far from the happy family.Often in the program embarrassing cold, the audience naturally do not like watching.Secondly, the guest lineup is not good.”Happy Camp” every program has a popular artist or popular love beans to join, can create a lot of hot topics, on the list is not a problem.Look at “Hello Saturday”, guest influence is not high, can not raise what heat, let alone create what topic.Nowadays, variety shows are all about the lineup of guests. If there is no one familiar with them, the audience will turn a blind eye.A week after the New Year, the show began a new round of recording.Pay more attention to the choice of guests, invite some popular artists.Gong Jun Jia Ling recording “Hello Saturday” in the latest recording sideline, see two of the most popular artists.One is Gong Jun and the other is Jia Ling.In her red hoodie and floral dress, Jia Ling was as plump as ever.In this year’s Tiger Spring Festival gala sketch so far unforgettable, homophonic terrier play so that the audience is happy.There are also audience reaction sketches not funny in previous years, not intensive burden.Gong jun, handsome as ever in a light purple jacket, was the tallest of the crowd and the draw.Jia Ling carried her hands on her back and looked serious. Teacher He, Wang Sulong and Gong Jun all looked at her, wondering what happened.Wait for the broadcast after the show will find out, leave a suspense!Gong Jun jia Ling can temporarily take “Hello Saturday” ratings?It is no exaggeration to say that Gong Jun and Jia Ling are the biggest guests invited to the show.Look, all the previous guests were lukewarm. Nothing to watch.In line with the principle that people will love to see popular guests, this episode will definitely have something to watch and bring them in.On the Saturday night when it AIRS, it will certainly increase some of the show’s traffic.How much more is unclear.The ratings of this program have been poor before, want to rely on gong Jun Jia Ling’s program directly rise, to be honest, it is unrealistic.After being abandoned by the audience for so long, it takes a long time to quickly return.As long as the guest lineup keeps up, the show is kind of a setup.On the contrary, Gong jun and Jia Ling’s program can only play a temporary role of blood.Like hormones, they go back to their original state.The quality of the program depends on the lineup of guests. If “Hello Saturday” wants to reach the height of “Happy Camp”, it will not be possible in a short time.Gong Jun jia Ling’s presence at the end, will you watch this issue of “Hello Saturday”?