Empty cut 51 + 16 + 4!Lakers’ front office needs to do something about it

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The NBA regular season continues as the Lakers continue their six-game road trip to the Philadelphia 76ers.It was the fourth stop of a six-game trip for the lakers, who played without Lebron James because of discomfort in his left knee.It’s worth noting that lakers reporter Jovan Buha revealed before the game that Timberlake had worked hard to slim down during his absence.In the opening minutes of the game, Bryant showed he was in good physical shape, scoring 10 points in a quarter and battling Embiid.Unfortunately, James’ absence left the lakers without their backcourt brains during the rotation, and Philadelphia built a double-digit lead in one go.In the second quarter, It was Still The team to carry forward, in the role players were not good shooting, the first quarter suffered a wrist injury, 10 of 13 in the first half, with 23 points, five rebounds and two shots, helping the team to reduce the deficit to six points.The 76ers changed their defensive strategy and managed to limit Bryant, the only consistent point scorer for the lakers, as the lakers’ offense collapsed.With the 76ers finding their way to three-pointers in the third quarter, Philadelphia had pulled to a 20-point lead by the end of the period.The Lakers got within 15 points in the final quarter, led by Russell Westbrook and Brandon Timberlake, but the 76ers cruised to a 105-87 victory over Philadelphia.Throughout the game, Russell and Westbrook did their part without James, combining for 51 points, 16 rebounds and four assists.In the first quarter, he almost hurt his wrist with a dunk. He played with an injury and scored 31 points, 12 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals and 4 blocks on 14-of-21 shooting in 33 minutes.It was a performance like that that gave the lakers a tight first half against the 76ers and gave lakers fans hope that, with both returning, the lakers can still break into the top six in the Western Conference and avoid the play-offs.In the lakers’ system, it’s hard for Westbrook to do that. He’s clearly lost his confidence in handling the ball.He had only three assists, but made six turnovers, and had little influence on both ends of the floor.Westbrook was hot, shooting 9-of-15 from the field and 2-of-3 from 3-point range, finishing with 20 points, four rebounds, three assists, one steal and one block.Despite his overall efficiency and numbers, westbrook’s performance was mediocre, especially considering his massive contract.But given the lakers’ difficulty in getting rid of Westbrook, it’s probably the best thing that could happen to Jame if westbrook stays that way.The rest was filled by role players, who clearly underperformed and ultimately contributed to the team’s loss.Among them, Bradley was 1 for 4, Monk was 3 for 13, Johnson was 1 for 6, Rivers was 0 for 4, Ellington was 1 for 4 and Tucker was 2 for 8.It’s clear that the lakers’ front office needs to adjust its role player profile now that Jame is in better shape.Of course, the ideal situation would be to get rid of Westbrook, but if you can’t get rid of Westbrook, you’ll need to make changes to the existing roster and add more reliable scorers and defenders.