Case: dandy young master killed a good wife after drinking, the broken and forbearance behind the happy marriage life

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Case source: Referee documents network.In 2013, a wife murder case took place in Xidi International community, Jianye District, Nanjing.Years of marriage bring not happiness but growing resentment to the murdered wife.At 7:00 am on April 26, 2013, the residents of Xidi International Community in jianye District, Nanjing, are enjoying the last glimpses of comfort brought to them by sleep.Just as the workers were getting ready to get to work, a scream rang through the air.As a loud ambulance rang through the neighborhood, it became clear that the morning’s screams were the result of a bloodbath in a neighborhood home.In the chaos, the crowd began to understand what had happened.Originally, the murder happened in the community of a Ji surnamed husband and wife two home, the husband ji so-and-so because a little family chores become angry from embarrassment, unexpectedly a fruit knife mercilessly stabbed into his wife can xin chest!When the ambulance took the injured to the hospital, the police also acted quickly, the suspect ji Xx sent to the interrogation room.In the interrogation room, the desperate man propped his head on his hands and appeared to be in pain.When interrogators interrogate ji xx in accordance with the law, the hospital there came bad news, although with the fastest speed can be xin sent to the hospital, but she still failed to survive.When 25 years old ji so-and-so, so will he only 22 years old wife Can xin killed, this case quickly received the attention of the whole society, what is the reason, just let a pair of newly married, children just over 100 days of husband and wife end up like this?The young man grew up in the interrogation room, silent for a long time ji so-and-so will finally explain all the cause and effect of the matter.Twenty-five years old ji so-and-so, can completely use “toff young master” to describe.This is nanjing, his family is very rich, parents work all the year round outside, the discipline of ji so-and-so is lacking, although reading noble school, but ji so-and-so’s results are poor.In this way, the young man grew up.Junior high school ji xx in the arrangement of the family into nanjing 21st century bilingual school, but the wayward boy was in the second year when they dropped out.Drop out of school at home ji so-and-so is flying, in the school character is very grumpy he returned home as grumpy.Ji so-and-so’s parents see in the eyes pain in the heart, perhaps they also regret why their children will become like this now.However, regret is useless after all, just like there is no medicine for regret in the world.Shortly after leaving school, the boy got into a police station because of a fight, and ji was only seventeen that year.Seventeen years old ji so-and-so world War I fame, also because of this fight left a record.Detained a few days later, ji xx still did not change the long has formed a violent temper, but to develop the habit of always reaching out to hit people.Kill his wife behind the enmity and enmity time passed, twinkling of an eye Ji so-and-so adult.In 2012, Ji so-and-so met a girl three years younger than her at a bar party.The first time to see xin, he was attracted by the girl with sweet figure hot appearance, after the party, ji so-and-so to xin’s contact information.The following thing and what happen between most men and women is consistent, love, date, engagement, marriage, have a child, a series of flow comes down, ji so-and-so and Can xin formed a new family finally.After marriage, Kexin has become a devoted wife and mother. She not only takes care of everything in the house for her husband, but also often posts photos of her life on social media platforms.However, behind these happy illusion, there is a mystery.Man rich young master ji so-and-so after marriage also still did not have any progress, every day to linger in the Internet bar and the so-called beauty friends in the arms of unable to extrude themselves.More heinous is, every time ji so-and-so drunk will be on Xin punch and kick, its behavior has constituted domestic violence.However, at that time may choose to endure, looking at the children still cry for food, may seem to have no way out.A flash of time came to the day of the incident, April 26, 2013 at about six o ‘clock in the morning, the night did not return to the ji so-and-so finally returned home with drunk, at this time ji so-and-so’s mother is in the bedroom with her grandson to sleep, and May be waiting for her husband in the living room.It is true that drunken men are impulsive.Can not wait for her husband to pass on honey water hangover, ji so-and-so suddenly lost his temper.Of course, at this time can xin heart is also angry, two people quarrel on this matter.Very soon, the quarrel between husband and wife rose to physical fight, ji so-and-so regardless of Xin’s weak body, dragging her hair began to beat and scold, until finally this man picked up the fruit knife on the tea table in the sitting room, this fight just had the outcome.Dazed Ji so and so without thinking, took a knife stabbed to his wife’s stomach, until his wife’s screams pulled him back to reality, he realized he had made a big mistake.However, there is no regret medicine available in the world, and then how to repent ji so-and-so can not recover his cruel killing of his wife.Tianshan lawyer view ji so-and-so’s behavior, suspected of intentional homicide.According to article 232 of Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, the trial results are as follows: On April 18, 2014, nanjing Intermediate People’s Court of Jiangsu Province sentenced the defendant Ji xx to death with a two-year suspension of execution and deprivation of political rights for intentional homicide.As the saying goes, “one day husband and wife are grateful for one hundred days”. As a relationship without blood relationship, they still accompany each other for years and years. They often know each other and cherish each other.However, it is easy to meet and difficult to stay together. The increasingly high divorce rate seems to tell people that happiness index has nothing to do with the existence of marriage, and the person lying in bed is not necessarily their soul mate.Whether you choose marriage or not, the most important thing is to love yourself well.Marriage is not the tomb of love. When couples work together, their love life can last for a long time.In ji xx and Kexin’s body, we seem to be able to see people a platitude topic – domestic violence.Xin died of domestic violence, ji so-and-so.Although the punishment of domestic violence has been strengthened in recent years, such cases still occur again.Domestic violence is only zero and countless times, in the face of domestic violence, both men and women should say no in a timely manner, the use of legal weapons to protect themselves, this is every married people should learn.