A point to illustrate | or home have “mine”, or brave to “create”

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Lv Huayuan, a researcher at One Point Think tank, said, “I used to dream of traveling around the world with a sword to have a look at the prosperity of the world. When I was young, MY heart was always a little frivolous, but now you live everywhere…”These days, those who have mines at home seem to have some reasons to “lie down”, but those who do not have this family condition should strive for it.In response to the view that common prosperity means “lying down” and “waiting for others to rely on one’s needs”, the National Development and Reform Commission clarified that common prosperity depends on joint efforts and resolutely prevents people from falling into the trap of “welfarism” and raising lazy people.Common prosperity where to see, of course, to see Zhejiang.Lithium concept broke out, the home have mine is HaoHeng on February 17th, a-share market concept of lithium plate sharply higher, as of the close, gold round stake, yongxing materials, resources, saddle heavy stake, days of middlings was neat LiYe collective harden, melting express co, trillion new shares, our super net, jiangxi feng LiYe, sheng new lithium can, Tibet mining, salt lake, jiang motor rose by more than 6% shares.On the news, electronic plate lithium carbonate bill of lading sales agreement price reached 470 yuan/kg.In addition, Tesla signed a large lithium ore purchase order with Australian lithium miner to purchase 100,000 dry metric tons of spodumene concentrate in the first year.Lithium prices are expected to top $3,000 a ton in the first half of this year, the agency said.In addition, many governments said they would strengthen industrial protection and establish their own industrial chains.With the expansion of lithium demand, salt lake brine lithium resources will be developed under the strategic demand of diversified types and guaranteed supply.Citic Securities said the sharp rise in lithium concentrate prices will lead to higher costs for domestic lithium producers, further boosting lithium prices.Led by the lithium plate surge, Salt Lake lithium, fluorine chemical, phosphorus chemical, electrolyte and other plates also follow the surge, Donghua Technology, Yantianhua, Qingshuiyuan, Hubei Yihua and other trading limit, Times Jet, Lianchuang shares, Tianci materials rose more than 7%.Lianchuang, a zibo listed company in Shandong province, was last year’s biggest stock, rising nearly fivefold in 2021.According to lianchuang shares previously disclosed performance forecast, the company is expected to make a profit of 290 million to 340 million yuan in 2021, a significant year-on-year turnaround.On the evening of February 10th, Lienchuang Announced that the company signed an Investment Framework Agreement with Black Cat, Southwest Electric Power, Tianjin Electric Power and Wuhai Municipal People’s Government, and planned to invest and build a 50,000-ton/year PVDF industrial chain and 0.6GW supporting green power project in Wuhai High-tech Industrial Development Zone.This investment will help the company to further expand the market of fluorine-containing new materials in the field of new energy.In the TOP50 list of INC Index of Shandong Listed Companies in December 2021 of One Point Index, Lienc Ranked 7th with the INC index of 726.76, and its sub-indexes were: communication breadth 2.68, communication heat 2.58, network attention 3.12, and official website presentation 0.94.One point index on the monitoring data of lianchuang shares buy gold in troubled times.Gold rose sharply in the afternoon on Feb. 17 on news that Ukraine was shelling a disputed area in the east.Hunan gold, western gold, gold a culture from the green plate turned red, before the closing to trading.Shandong’s Zhongrun Resources closed up 7.57 per cent and Shandong Gold rose 4.76 per cent.In the One Point Index of Shandong Listed companies in December 2021 INC Index TOP50 list, Shandong Gold ranked 15th with INC index 698.33, its sub-indicators are: communication breadth 3.13, communication heat 2.29, network attention 2.86, official website presentation 1.36.On February 17th, the overall strength of zhejiang plate, Hangzhou Garden, Zhengqiang Shares, Zhongya shares rose by more than 10%, Zhejiang Construction Investment, Guangyu Group, Ningbo Construction engineering, science and Technology, 12 stocks closed at 10% limit.On the morning of the 17th, the National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference to introduce the promotion of supporting the construction of high-quality development and common prosperity demonstration zone in Zhejiang Province.According to Chen Zhong, deputy director of zhejiang human resources and social security Department, college graduates who work in Zhejiang can receive a living allowance ranging from 20,000 yuan to 400,000 yuan, or a subsidy for buying a house and renting a house.College students who want to start a business can borrow 100,000 to 500,000 yuan. If the business fails, the government will compensate for the loan of less than 100,000 yuan, and 80% of the loan over 100,000 yuan will be compensated by the government.In addition to the urban area of Hangzhou, the hukou limit for graduates with a college degree or above will be fully lifted, and the hukou requirement in Hangzhou is a bachelor’s degree or above.”We welcome college graduates from all over the country to work in Zhejiang.”Chen zhong revealed that college students engaged in housekeeping, pension and modern agricultural entrepreneurship, the government will give 100,000 yuan of entrepreneurship subsidies, college students to work in these fields, the government will give each year 10,000 employment subsidies, continuous subsidies for 3 years.College students to Zhejiang internship, local provide living subsidies.Graduates from poor families will be given a subsidy of 3,000 yuan per person to find jobs or start businesses.According to Chen, Zhejiang is a big employment province, and there are 23 million migrant workers in Zhejiang, who enjoy the same employment and entrepreneurship services and policies as workers with local hukou.In addition, Zhejiang has also developed jobs that do not depend on skills, educational background or age, to provide jobs for those who have been lifted out of poverty, guaranteeing them a monthly salary of more than 4,500 yuan. Last year, 2.25 million people in the province were lifted out of poverty.If you don’t have a mine at home, try to go to Zhejiang.One Finger Column on February 16, the article “stocks doubled in 8 days, why the construction plate so strong”, focused on the Spring Festival after the stock price soared in Zhejiang Construction investment and Hangzhou Garden, now it seems that it is propheticfunds in advance of speculation in Zhejiang local stocks.Market information is always asymmetric, there is always capital “do not speak martial arts” first start.Here is a ready-made example, On February 17, Anhui listed companies golden seed wine a word limit, limit reason enough:On the evening of February 16, the company announced that the controlling shareholder of the company intends to transfer its 49% stake in Golden Seed Group to China Resources Strategic Investment Co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Resources (Group) Co., LTD., through a non-public agreement, and the two parties have signed an equity transfer agreement.Undoubtedly, if this event can be successfully implemented, with the strong commercial channels of China Resources, golden Seed Wine will have a very large space for imagination in the future.Oddly enough, golden Seed’s share price went from a slight gain to a daily limit in the afternoon of February 16th, ahead of the announcement.In response, many investors say that a close investigation should be conducted to see if there is any insider trading.Environmental protection plate strong pull up, many shares trading on February 17, there is an obvious feature is strong environmental protection plate.As of the close, crown ecology, construction repair 20% limit, Beijing Blue technology, enlightenment environment, green ecology, Snow dragon 10% limit.Guanzhong Ecology is a listed company in Qingdao, which will be listed in February 2021.January 29 this year, the company announced that the company and Shandong high-speed photosynthesis garden Co., LTD., the consortium won the bid gaoqing county urban and rural greenway network project, the price is 319 million yuan.If the company can sign a formal project contract and implement it smoothly, it will have a positive impact on the company’s business performance.Message, to accelerate the urban environmental infrastructure construction, enhance the level of infrastructure modernization and promote the development of ecological civilization construction and green, the National Development and Reform Commission, ecological environment and other departments recently jointly issued “about accelerating urban environmental infrastructure construction guidance”, put forward to advance and invest in the construction, promote urban environmental infrastructure supply ability.In terms of sewage treatment, the layout and scale of sewage treatment facilities should be optimized in an overall way. Construction in large and medium-sized cities can be carried out appropriately and in advance, and proper development space should be reserved for towns.In terms of household garbage, we will speed up the construction of garbage incineration facilities in areas with daily garbage collection capacity exceeding 300 tons in urban built-up areas.At the same time, the Opinions clarified the development goals of the 14th and 15th Five-Year Plans.Capital Securities pointed out that under the background of steady growth, infrastructure investment is an important way, and environmental infrastructure investment will also become an important area for steady growth.Environmental protection enterprises in the fields of sewage treatment, domestic waste treatment, solid waste treatment and resource recycling will have more business opportunities. Meanwhile, the improvement of the price and fee system in the field of environmental protection is expected to further improve the profitability of environmental protection enterprises